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Stand-up comedians Konstantin Kisin (@konstantinkisin) and Francis Foster (@failinghuman) make sense of politics, economics, free speech, AI, drug policy and WW3 with the help of presidential advisors, renowned economists, award-winning journalists, controversial writers, leading scientists and notorious comedians.

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  1. Zuby, no matter what you might think, but what happened to George Floyd, was clearly NOT murder. It is absolutely ridiculous to think that a police officer, in his execution of detaining a criminal suspect, would want to kill his suspect. It is obvious that the cop applied force to hold the suspect down, but I think one must note that Floyd was a very big man, and that the police officer was no doubt under a lot of stress. The death of Floyd was an accident, nothing else, and what the black community should be doing is not blaming the police, but their own, for not obeying the law of the land.

  2. Daniel Shaver might be the most egregious police shooting but for the sake of argument I'd like to propose two others. The first the cop demands to see ID then shoots the guy for going to get it and the second the cops shoot a guy laying on the ground with his hands up because they were trying to shoot the person with mental disability playing with a toy truck in the middle of the street but missed.
    1) https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/north-miami-officer-who-shot-unarmed-caregiver-man-autism-found-n1018616
    2) https://www.cnn.com/2014/09/25/justice/south-carolina-trooper-shooting/index.html

    So of these three which is worse? And anyone have any competitors? I'll add them in an edit section.

  3. I can really tell he doesn’t want people to lie and be honest.

    I can totally empathize with this. But I think the untruth/lie has become so many peoples’ actual truth. Not because people think one way and act the other way, but because they truly believe the mainstream narrative.

  4. I heard that BLM was a corporation, and as such, it would possible to sue them to get them to change their name. Then we could have a conversation with and concerning them that they can't twist into the allegation of racism.

  5. just for the record, this guy is not a foundation of black, he is not of African American lineage. And I have a problem with foreign black people speaking on African American culture American identity and American heritage.

  6. I enjoyed watching this episode Triggernometry. I created the hashtag #AgeOfHonesty which is about having open and honest conversations. We are in a time now, where we are seeing the effects of a virus that has been lingering around for some time, the one where people are losing their power to think. And instead prone to jump on the bandwagon of a supposed cause. One that they do not question what the root was. I will be happy to come to your show and talk about everyday matters. Including the inherent discrimination that also goes on within a culture. How there is a rise of separationism. Like who came up with "culture appropriation"?

  7. democrats: MORE POWER TO BLACKS

  8. thank you! FYI I've worked for The City & I can confirm that the Unions make it virtually impossible to fire a bad actor & that includes the Police. (Also, BLM is very anti-Semitic.)

  9. I, too, I was part of the 99.9% condemning what happened with George Floyd. Then, out came the other videos and the medical report, and fentanyl and the fact that he was saying he couldn’t breathe when nobody was around him. Has Zuby altered his view of what transpired or is this again a clear case of police murder?

  10. "Black" people have a brown skincolor and the" white" people have a more pink skincoler.. The real black people ( Creoles ) and the real white people ( Albino's) are not even in all this present..
    America where the 2e amendmant is more important then the 1e amendmant..

  11. It truly amazes me that the people that aren’t born in the US seem to see through the bullshit😩 Every white person is American seems to have been convinced they racist! Poltics are destroying America! Divide and conquer is what Democrats want. I don’t know a white person that Is racist but yet I’m attracted & racist😞 He sounds very American💕

  12. Never assume people have the same ability as yourself, to ‘see through the matrix’. People are so easily duped/influenced/coerced without ever questioning anything-they/we are at the mercy of manipulative and dangerous organisations pushing political ideologies …like Marxist Uber liberals such as BLM. Who gains in the end, is what you should always ask yourself.

  13. Where I live in Canada there was a several thousand person march for George Floyd however when a white 36yr old was shot to death in an emergency hospital room by two cops, which involved a cover up and the cops cleared…. no one knows, no one cares. I'd love to publish the cops names, photos etc but I don't have the financial means to go up against the police, province and their bottomless pockets for prosecutors.