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Ghana was one of the main West African departure points for the transatlantic slave trade. Today, the government has launched a campaign to reach out to the descendants of those Africans who were forcibly removed from their homelands. It has dubbed 2019 the “year of return”, and several hundred people have already put down roots in Ghana, many of them African-Americans. Our colleagues from France 2 report, with FRANCE 24’s James Vasina.

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  1. I support African Americans who move and giving up their US Citizens at 100%. They can help their own people and countries with their great skills and be proud of their culture. They will be welcome with open arms. So, why not?

  2. I wish more African Americans would do this. If you think the US so "oppressive"…then go back to your homeland. (FYI you'll learn it's not so nice there…theres no race card to play when everyone is bIack)

  3. 3:10 I love this… Reguardless of what you want to call yourself… This is a very capitalistic amercian thing to do and things like these help the country you adopted. It's awesome to see the success, specially when you start over.

  4. I bought some land very cheap in Uganda to build a school for Uganda children. In the process, no one told me that foreigners can't own the land title in Uganda unless married to a Uganda. The land is one thing the title deed to the land is another. But they deceive you and wait until you have built and spent all you money then tell you this.

  5. Africa will be the most powerful country on Earth, once all Africans, African American, African Canadians and British Africans unite as one people. Remember, Africa has ALL OF THE MUCH COVETED RESOURCES that the rest of the world could only dream of.

  6. This is GREAT!! I wish more Afro-Americans would return to Africa.
    Better for EVERYONE. Maybe THIS is the pathway to peace.
    I hope this gets a LOT of publicity. MORE people need to see this and think about this.