“I would think that this was dandruff if I didn’t just spray this dry shampoo in my hair.”

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  1. Ugh! I wish I would've watched this video before I purchased the Dove Dry Shampoo. I was in the store stuck wondering if it was for my hair type to. It smells really good, but I definitely don't feel that it's for my course hair texture. However, I'm going to hold onto it for when I flat iron my natural hair straight, because then it might really work for me.

  2. It’s not inclusive to white women because they use dry shampoo. This video is to help people like me who have never used dry shampoo to see if it works for our hair texture. I read a comment stating it also didn’t include latinas, or asian women. For one how do you know none of these women are Latina? The statement was ignorant. But here we go “race baiting” the term ya’ll love to use so much. Natural hair is how we define our hair texture without using any harsh chemicals to make it look a certain way get it? I wouldn’t be able to describe a white woman’s as natural because if you look up the definition of natural hair their hair texture typically would not be under any of the categories it listed for women with certain kind of hair texture. So I’m not understanding why anyone would be offended?? 🤨 Real weird…learn to educate yourself before you speak like some of these ladies did or already knew before watching this video.

  3. Okay the first girl got it all over her tips and length. For dry shampoo, for curly hair curls only put it on your roots and then moisturize the ends/middle length hair. Due to hair being curly, all of the oil your scalp produces will just stay on your scalp resulting in dry curls and an oily scalp. I use the dry shampoo when my scalp gets too oily and then I moisturize the middle length and my roots and it works out 🙂 and yes you do feel a difference, as least I do. For white girls they can brush the shampoo down their length but for us we need to only focus it on our roots and lightly. Don't cake it in or spray too much.

  4. I love dry shampoo (DS). I don't use DS regularly nor do I spray lot of DS( a little goes a long way) and only use when I get a silk press it helps me keep my straight hair style longer, because I sweat in my head it help re-smooth my roots. I spray DS at night, massage DS to distribute, wrap hair, tie my hair with a silk scarf and sleep on my silk pillow case ( just incase scarf falls off lol) and voila ! My roots are smooth and my hair style is refreshed. I love Moroccan oil Dry shampoo the best because they comes in shades ( I use brown) But Alta Beauty gave Living Proof as bday gift 2019 and I really like LP as well, I just brush my hair really well ( to make sure white residue is absorb -Living proof DS is white ) FYI I've been relaxer free since 1st season of game of thrones (lol for the nerds, like me) And I want to try Deva Curls DS on my curls (maybe they have a travel size just incase I don't like ! ) Ps Let spread our knowledge our hair culture and it's verbiage and use it to enlighten others cultures with respect and love remember God loves variety.

  5. Yup this is definitely for the other folks doesn't make sense for us to use it. Goes on white and makes the hair dryer if you have 4c hair. From experience HASK chia seed V.D.S.

  6. Yea i don't get it, i tried using dry shampoo &dry conditioner (i discovered it in the drug store & knew nothing about it & was curious) & all i can say is NO. Im puerto rican & have super frizzy/curly hair & it just intensifies the dryness & frizziness. This stuff is def not meant for my hair. I rather use leave in conditioners to moisturize my hair. I have curls that need to be hydrated anything with the word "dry" in front of it is a no no for me.

  7. Also, most natural haired black women struggle with retaining moisturize with their curls, which is why a lot of them are product junkies and rely heavily on protective styling, which is why it was bad idea to use natural kinky/coily hair types for this type of experiment. Don't get me wrong, natural curly girls can have oily hair, it's just that none of the ladies in the video have it. The young lady with a blowout, her hair looks incredible dry, so she should have not been used as an example. The kinkier textured lady, her hair looks normal/dry, which was a fail as well. The lady with looser curls, has normal/moisturize hair, so she shouldn't have been used either. The focus should have been on black women with oily hair, if you're going to test out a dry shampoo.

  8. I like the concept of the video but I think it was poorly executed. I'm black with fine, curly, textured hair and my hair gets really oily a couple days after flat ironing it. So I'd personally like to see this done on a black woman with oily straight hair. The ladies in this video all have different textures but their hair isn't in an "oily" state. So, it seems a bit ridiculous to put dry shampoo in textured hair that's normal/dry. I guess I'll just have to try a dry shampoo for myself when my hair is oily. Again, key word, 'oily'.

  9. Natural hair is a term used to define the texture of a person of colors’ hair when it hasn’t been treated/straightened with chemicals.

    C’mon guys, I’m whiter than teeth in a Crest add and I know this. Stop trying to make everything about you.