A woman who has been identified as Beverly Beatty went wild in front of Trump Tower in New York City, dragging officers behind her as she attempts to cover the block-long “Black Lives Matter” mural that sits below the building on Fifth Avenue. One officer attempting to restrain her was hurt after slipping on paint. Beatty was charged with criminal mischief and released several hours later. Then she started live-streaming herself allegedly vandalizing a similar mural in Harlem.

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  1. first of all i think the woman is not guilty the one who should be guilty is the black life matter movement why because this is going out of hand this woman just want to stop all the black life matter movement i respect that

  2. Put a plastic wall or put a plastic cover to cover up the words and put police near so even if they throw paint it would only ruin the plastic

  3. If George Floyd life was taken by a non white. Blm supporters wouldn’t care. So it’s ok for ppl lives being taken by their own race but when it’s not their race, it’s not ok.

  4. Before I saw what she said I was like “ sis. What- do you not care about your self-
    Then after I read some more I was like OkAy ThEn SiS- yOu dO yOu