The United States is now the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s disproportionately impacting African Americans. In some states and cities, black Americans make up the majority of deaths from COVID-19. DW correspondent Stefan Simons went to a hospital in Washington DC to find out more.


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  1. Be responsible enough as individuals, it is not only a fight of one, but of all people around the world. Stop racism instead build one another as one fighting this virus. Wear mask, stay home and listen to your government. If you will not listen then it will never end and the numbers in your country will keep increasing more. The problem is not the government but the people who keep fighting for thier selfish desires. United States of America. I hope you'll unite each other. From the word United States. I hope you'll realize the name of your country.

  2. What about taking responsibility for your own actions. The prognosis is in your hands and it's totally free; sleep, exercise and nutritious diet. No amount of "health care" will help you clear coronavirus.

  3. Small lil hospital they've seen a lot and I remember my cuz rest his soul had sickle cell they said he wouldn't live as long as he did but he lived till 30 and we all knew he was on borrowed time. I can't imagine how that must have felt to all know your time is limited because of his genes . Amen

  4. Guess the opioid crisis is an afro- American disproportion too…not. Heroin, meth etc that were not even planted & reported in wyt communities as drugs was in blk ones. Stop job & education discrimination loop holes & watch the AA health & food options/choices improve. Africans in Africa are healthier. Amerikkka is the problem.

  5. no wonder it affect afrcain americans they use to mutch drugs they have$$$$ for drugs only I did live in Detroit I know and they eat only junk foods they must take vitamins geeeeee intead of drugs and the immunity is not same among africains white have more immunitys from past plags in europe that made some immune !!!!!!!!!!!!!!