Comedians, actors, and social media influencers discuss female roles and submission in this day and age. Is it outdated for a woman to be submissive? We want to know what you think. Leave a comment below! #ADDQuestions


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Why are Black People so Good at Sports? | All Def

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  1. Being physically superior is a symptom of being emotionally or spiritually inferior. A God-reliant person has more faith, logic, self-worth, humility, courage and love. A self-reliant person limits themselves to what their own bodies and immediate resources can do. So they become physically stronger but that has a cap. Whereas a person who is God-reliant can tap into a power that is infinite.

    It is an emotional journey that evolves a person forward, from self reliance to God reliance. When a human being has fully experienced all of their terror, shame and grief, it is permanently released from the soul. There is then spaciousness for information and creativity to come in.

    It's the equivalent of being a really buff and muscular construction worker laying concrete, doing all the work with his hands. He gets really strong physically but then doesn't do much else than a few repeated tasks, and also eventually degrades physically from all the efforting. The alternative is to design a device or system that can spread the concrete for you, thereby saving your body and opening up time for greater expansion.

    If you look at all of God's designs, they operate in systems. All of nature is interdependent and functions within self-sustaining systems. There is not one tiny seed, trying to dig its way into the earth to grow. It gets blown by the wind, eaten by a bird, pooped into the soil with natural fertilization, nourished by sun, rain and all the organisms within the soil, all in a perfect system. Effortless and flowing, just operating on instinct. From this grows every single resource we need – food, shelter, mighty oak trees and fragrant flowers for our enjoyment.

    If we want to be aligned with this level of logic and love, our designs need to be like God's, nothing compartmentalized or unsustainable, but connected to everything, with a holistic mindset.

    We can see how the races have become polarized toward black and white, the two races which have devolved the most. The original humans that God designed lived under the dappled sunlight of a gorgeous paradise, with neither dark nor light skin, more caramel colored, living easy while picking mangoes out of the trees, existing in a climate that suited the human body. They did not use even ounce of their energy in survival, but in creativity, with a relatively small amount of energy toward meeting physical needs. Everything had been provided and, with humility and self worth, they received it.

    230,000 years later and we find ourselves all broken apart, living in madness, a part of which is competitive sports. It is fitting that there are so many black people in competitive sports because sports are a way of perpetuating paradigms of war and domination. This goes hand in hand with the consciousness of self reliant peoples.

    The first humans, as they became further from God and more fearful, began to engage in violence, toward animals and eventually each other. They got so low that they became what people erroneously believe were primitive man, one step up from being an animal. They didn't live long and often died as a result of violence. Many groups of people migrated far from these humans, but the ones who remained are what we now know today as the black races.

    In a healed person, we are physically at our peak but it is a natural byproduct of living lovingly and healthfully. You don't need giant muscles or some peak running time because there is nothing to prove, only a beautiful body, earth and life to enjoy.

    In spite of this long and complicated human history, our souls are without race. We are all the same, and were just born into different places and genetics on the earth. But everything can be healed and rebalanced, and this concept of race or difference is extremely superficial compared to the vast depth of the human soul which we all have in common.

  2. Aino Tanaka … black moms are better than other moms???? That is actually fucked up. How could you say such a thing? 😔 You need to check yo self girl, with that insecurity and pray to God yo momma dont see that.

  3. I'm a black goth and metalhead guy. This video is funny because It's stereotypes. I'm not good at sports. I can say why do most white people bungey jump ? It's not all because I know many white people who don't bungey jump lol. This video is just more horrible stereotypes. That's why stereotypes aren't going anywhere they are just staying. When people see someone different like me they either think it's cool or suprising. I've been goth and a few for over a decade, and there are many black people in goth rock and death metal so yeuh, not just sports..

  4. One word rhythm. Black people attend to have style and rhythm and to have style and Rhythm you have to have confidence just ask your talented white basketball player who can ball with the black athletes

  5. We are better at sports white man put money in it and black people saw a way out of the ghetto. Also white people put basketball courts on almost every corner of our neighborhood. We are good at sports cause that is one the few things that can help us get a better life.

  6. Long ago when slaves were brought over on the boat ride from hell, it was not uncommon for half to die on the boat leaving the strongest alive to be enslaved on plantations, then over the next how many generations it was not uncommon for slave owners to put the strongest man and woman together to have children, do that enough and you get Bo Jackson, LeBron James, Shaq, ect. That is why the americian black is althete on their own level.

  7. Next video: "Why are white people better at creating a civilization people want to live in?"
    Everyone: Whoa, racist much?
    Also Everyone: Actually, ??? Hmm? 🙃🙃🙃

  8. Why are black people so good at sports?
    Why are black man so athletic?
    Why are black women so attractive and nurturing?
    Why are black people the most empathic?
    Why African culture and music influenced pop music?
    Why African Art influenced Picasso cubism?

    Why are black people the most hated of all races ?

    I believe this may answer the why's behind racism?

  9. Black people are better at sports that includes running but in strength sports for example stronman or arm wrestling most champions are white. It's just a fact. Also in football Latino people are best

  10. The reason why because we can workout pulling sleds in the sun however white people can workout indoor like lifting weights and do ski because most black people me if I go out in cold I get 3 jackets they both can be good at each other’s and some of them have both sports like boxing 🥊