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Why 99% of Black Men & ATHLETES Date White Women. (P1)
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WOW!!!! this SHOCKING video aired on NBC JUNE 26, 2012. A MUST SEE!!!
This is a short clip from a NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED video explaining the SHOCKING,NEVER BEFORE HEARD-OF view, of Why Black Men date White women!!!!!

It also explains:
Why successful black athletes feel they need to date white women.
Do Black women secretly what to look like white women?
Do ALL BLACK MEN secretly like white women?
Are ALL black people cursed?

NBC called HIM after seeing this video, can u believe that! WARNING..IF YOU GOT A WEAK STOMACH, YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE THIS!

BEFORE YOU SEE THIS- Please understand that i am speaking on this topic in order to LIBERATE AND EDUCATE in order to better the future. Please do focus on the parts that you do not want to hear. If you can use it, that;s great! If not, move past it to the parts the Lift you. Although I kdo know that FOOLS HATE KNOWLEDGE, I still wish you all PEACE AND LOVE!!! Peace.

This is a revision/ summary video explaining the unbiased truth about why most 99% of black men/ , Why successful black men, and Black athletes hate black women and date white women.

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  1. No one can speak for all black men but we can look at a certain trend and come to some kind of conclusion. Personally, there's no woman in the world for me but the black woman of my own ethnic background because she's the only one who can connect to me on a spiritual and emotional level. It would be difficult for me to be with a black woman from a different ethnic background let alone a different race. 

    If a man is looking for just a physical connection then any woman will do. Like most men, black men grew up watching white women like Marilyn Monroe type and the Whoopie Goldberg type. Who would you choose?  The media don't promote ugly white women and beautiful black women; therefore, some black men think that all white women look like Monroe and black women look like Whoopie to the point that they would run over Angela Basset to get to Roseanne Barr. 

    It's time for black men to come out of the fog and see people for who they really are. There are beautiful and good women in every race. If  you can only see beauty in every race but your own, obviously something is definitely wrong with your mind. Get help!

  2. because option 1) they hate and are ashamed of their own race and want it to die off . option 2) it's a preference . option 3 ) media brainwashing . option 4) just love . but of course this only regards blacks in america. in other countries it's not an issue . blame slavery 

  3. I'm a white guy. I prefer to date bw because of all the times i have dated bw are the only ones that i found that actually like me for me. ww tend to have too much of a agenda and will cheat on you instead of working out the problem.

  4. At the end of the day, be with who you want because we all have only 1 life to live and that's all, so STOP worrying about the pressure of being with someone in your own race

  5. YOU know what this so lame the real problem for the most part is economics because before their broke asses had money the sisters were there,  then when a bother get some money the sister's start looking a little funny, or  fat, or nappy  and mouth to big or they're anger bw, If you want to date a ww then do so,  but don't use bw as the spook who sat by the door. BW want the same out of life that every GOD fearing human being wants to be loved and appreciated; and an opportunity to reap the benefits of staying by ur man;  but don't drop a sista when the getting gets good.  Now as for the skin whitening,   AA are not the only race that practice this, do some research, and that's a fact. Hollywood needs more appropriate role models don't believe the hype what are we teaching our children, our black man child, our precious little brown girls.  BW are the mothers of the Earth weave or natural light or dark,  Slavery was not our fault,  usually people assimilated to survive now perversion is the norm and only an act of GOD knows how this will all end. WE need to love and respect each other more and criticize less. BM how do u want ur mother or sister, or aunt, or niece, or grandmother to be loved          

  6. All you have to do is watch basketball wives, love and hip hop, and real houswives of Atl. Plus you see what happened to Ray Rice….bitch spit on him and now he out of a job.

  7. I don't hate myself, and I date white women! I find them more pleasant and positive, just to mention a couple attributes!! Also, you don't get a woman-she gets you, because women do the choosing!!

  8. Initially when I would see a black man with a white woman, it didn't bother men at all. THEN when those BM begin flaunting and taunting on YouTube, that's when it DID bother me. But now, I am at the point where I am glad that BM are crossing over because too many BW are dying of AID. I had no idea how bad it was. If more BM would cross over then some of this burden would fall more on WW which in turn would reduce the death rate for BW. So please do continue your exodus. I encourage you to do so.

  9. Not all of them were raised to hate white people or black people.  You have those that were raised in a white neighbourhood and in an upper class or clean suburban area.  So they are more accustomed being around or with a white woman.  That is their preference.  It doesn't make them "self haters," it just makes them open to what some black people do not want to accept.  I mean if they are that hard up for an African man, they can grab one from Africa.  They're traditional and their values will possibly drive an African American woman away, but at least they will date/marry a black woman.

  10. So far most black men I have met who are actively seeking white women do it with wildly crazy but sometimes true assumptions.  I think some of these men, not all of them, are taking advantage of the white woman's cultural ignorance about black people in general.  Here is what I repeatedly hear from most black men I encounter:
    1. White women are more docile and let you get away with anything 2. White women willingly perform fellatio and will even swallow your seed 3. White women will spend money on you 4. White women allow you to go beastly on them in bed 5. White women have "REAL" hair no weaves.  These are all ASSUMPTIONS…

  11. you sound troubled son. i should be the 1st 2tell u that your feelings R due2 biology &nothing more. u have been told that ur better so the point that u started believing it. And when it is so often proven that this is not the case, it is sickening. its like like going your whole life and finding out that you were adopted. its fucked up. but your anger at blacks is misplaced & its the basis of racism. if your not ashamed, u can join me4 my next vid. i can help. it not, then good luck.

  12. the vids i make are way over most people's head that have a black experience, so i cant B surprised that u didnt get it either. the vids are for awareness, & behavior modification 2nd, not2talk down to. if a crack head tells me he got a lot of problems due2 every else…i'll tell him that the prob is "your on crack". that doest mean i h8 him or the whole race. and people dont respect BLK ppl bcuz BLK ppl dont respect themselves. that has always been my message. thanx4the attempt though. peace.

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