Who is Dr Stella Immanuel, and why is she gaining traction with President Donald Trump and his voter base?

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  1. Her religious and spiritual beliefs are irrelevant. Many doctors and scientists have all kinds of spiritual beliefs. What is relevant her success and the success of all the other doctors standing behind her who have tried it. They all have different religious beliefs yet the media points to her because hers contain a bit of alternative thinking in spirituality. The one constant is the result of their trials.

  2. Doctors have free of religion and is nothing wrong with her. She is an excellent Doctor and because she telling the truth about coronavirus and treatment, now the media is trying very hard to make her look like if she is a “witch” because of her beliefs. Shame on them!

  3. Shes deviating from the script of this Plandemic. She has to be silenced, mocked and ridiculed. Amd if all fails she has to be censored. We wil call it combating misinformation. The media is on our side js like 9/11. We need one dominant narrative. Repeat it over and over until therz only ONE version of the truth. Anyone who offers an alternative is castigated

  4. But Dr. Stella Immanuel is in frontline with patients of Covid-19 and her patients are healed, you are just talking !
    We have believed on Dr. Stella Immanuel
    and her group they are Heros and say the TRUTH ! all fake news want to hide the truth to scare American stay home vote by mail so they can cheating on mail votes , that is DIRTY you are all

  5. We have believed on Dr. Stella Immanuel
    and her group they are Heros and say the TRUTH ! all fake news want to hide the truth to scare American stay home vote by mail so they can cheating on mail vote !

  6. Truth tends to side with the one who has more to lose. Why would she risk her medical licence for this. Why would she be so convicted about HCQ if it wasn't working for HER? What does she have to gain? Her ministry may boom, but at the expense of years and training and schooling. Any REASONABLE person would not be quick to dismiss her. There is a reason the media has taken such a strong stance against her. CLEARLY she is a threat, and if a threat, then that's something we should take note of.

  7. Everyone mocking her yet everyone is burning sage and and talking about moon phases. This woman is 100% correct in what she says. There is too much money in big pharm and this novel vaccine , fb and all our social media deleted her in hours yet these same social media platforms still have child porn and pedos. Let that sink in.

  8. Who's to say She's wrong in her claims? She's a real doctor and a real pastor. Certified in both. If you aren't a believer in Jesus Christ, it may be impossible for you to see the truth. Fallen angels are very real, along with their offspring, which became demons when they died as nephilim, but were not permitted to Heaven and await Hell when judgement is passed on the Last Day. If you find yourself laughing at this, just know that you are programmed/brainwashed to do so. If you're quick to ridicule, call names, and dismiss people who sound crazy to you, you need to stop it, because you're probably fixing to miss out on a blessing being given to You by your creator, who made Us so that We might know Him. The devil and it's followers are doomed and are wanting humans to be doomed too. Don't fall for their many forms of deception, it's pretty much the only tool these unclean spirits have. Love and let Love. Live and let live.

  9. I would not want to be treated by any doctor who believes the complete crap this doctor does, you'd think that being a doctor she'd have a scientific approach to life, not believe in ghouls and goblins for christ sake.
    It certainly appears there are enough gullible fools who are more than willing to swallow this crap judging from the comments here…is it any wonder the world is laughing at us? these are the type of ill-educated, anti-science and reason dummies that put Trump in the White House.

  10. She said she has cured people go and find out if its true or not ? That should be an easy task for the media and scientific community to blow out the water ? If it's false.

  11. stella immanuel knows the truth, she made me penetrate myself with a banana covered in olive oil with a penny coin on top and it cured me completely of the vicious ligma disease!

  12. Oh no! Two nights ago I had sex with a big hairy demon in my dream, and now I have a blister on my wee wee!!!
    It stings! I am hoping this good Nigerian doctor can email me a spell to take this embarrassing blister away. Donald Trump for president forever! God bless America!

  13. Those of you who does not believe her, I pray to God, that you won't have the disease, because if you have it, and will die soon, you will be begging your doctor to give it t you!

  14. Who is she??? Another Salome in the book of Mark (the one who followed Jesus) & was at His crucifixion? Shiphrah, one of two midwives who saved the Hebrew boys in Exodus? Susanna, a woman who was almost sentenced to death due to FALSE accusations before being saved by Daniel, in book of Daniel? Another woman also named Susanna who was a follower of Jesus in book of Luke? Syntyche, a Christian woman of the church in Philippi mentioned with Euodia? At a time such as this… my thoughts are about a GIANT who was slain by David!! During a controversy such as this… Dr. Stella Immanuel is the [bold] female version of a David who is ready to slay another Goliath. We all know how the story ends. We stand united in Psalm 64 prayers of agreement with Dr. Stella Immanuel.

  15. Guess her black life doesn't matter then. Nevermind the "African religions and cultures are beautiful" talk. Time to cancel this female's life and reputation!!

  16. A lot of Democrats Trolls Manipulating on here, well let me weaken y'all spirit with this Fact and true. We know Bill gates is godfather to Democrats and we know he plan's to kill 4 Billions People with a Vaccine and him and his wife want to first Start with Black People, i love my Life so i will Vote for Trump.

  17. What is the probability of Dr. Stella Immanuel’s claim of no death in the 350 Covid-19 Patients?

    Dr. Stella Immanuel claimed that she treated 350 COVID-19 patients with HCQ. None of them died. Based on the US COVID-19 death rate of 3.3%, the probability that none of Dr. Stella’s 350 patients died is 96.7%^350=0.00079%. The estimated death rate is 0% with 95% CI (0%, 1%).

    Using all US COVID-19 patients as a control group (as of Aug 5, 2020, there are 4,882,908 patients and 159,629 deaths) and Dr. Stella Immanuel’s patients as a treatment group, the p value of Fisher’s exact test is <0.0001.

    Dr. Immanuel’s treatment is statistically significantly better.

    There should be electronic medical records for Dr. Stella Immanuel’s patients. We should be able to verify her claim. If she can provide medical records with her patients’ age, medical history, etc, we can provide a better assessment.

    Why Facebook, YouTube and Twitter removed Dr. Immanuel’s video about her method of treating Covid-19 patients?

  18. Now I like her even more,as she is not only knowledgable about medicine,but she seems to be a spiritfulled Reborn Christian…understand now even more why the opposition hate her so much…Bless you dr and may YHWE protect you,Spirit of God guide you and Yeshua's blood cover you and your family and colleague's that stood up for the truth…