These reactions could easily be 20 minutes long..because I laugh for days after it’s over.

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  1. XMC: I wander how he is going to segway into Hitler
    5 minutes Later
    XMC: getting the core workout of his life make it stop
    Bill Burr: That's the funny thing about Hitler
    XMC: oh no…

  2. I've watched people react to this dozens of times. How have NONE of them immediately done the math (like I did the first time) that Black vs. White Athletes + Hitler = Jesse Owens? It is way too obvious.

  3. The funny thing about the Jesse Owens story is that Hitler actually met Jesse afterwards and shook his hand and talked to him, whereas FDR basically refused to shake Jesse's hand; nothing more to it, but just an interesting factoid this bit always reminds me of

  4. You really have to check out his “What are you a fag” bit. Honestly one of the funniest bits of his… please please pretty please you won’t regret it trust me

  5. "The video is over, the video is over…" laugh cramps

    Dude, you're so genuine you're making me laugh along until I'm out of breath. DESPITE me seeing that bit countless times and reactions to it.

    You don't put on a show for your viewers I guess, and that's exactly why your reaction is the most entertaining I have ever seen. 🙂