What happens when we put white people in front of some tasty African foods? Will they be able to stomach it? Find out now on #FortheFirstTime


Produced by: Sydney Kim
Camera Operators: Josh Gonzales, Patrick Houston
Production Assistant: Alanna Neely-Sanchez
Edited by: Bahiyjuai Allen

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White People Try African Food ‘For the First Time’ | All Def Comedy

All Def Comedy

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  1. I don't understand why they didn't name this video 'Trying Nigerian Food'. This is literally why people think Africa is a country because people group all African countries into one

  2. More like bad Nigerian food🤣🤣🤣🤣The only good food out of Nigeria is fufu which is originally from Ghana and jollof from Senegal,

    Try real west african food from Ghana, Senegal and the many lots like

    Waakye and shito
    Eto and groundnut
    Fried rice and chicken
    And even some Southern and Eastern african food, but I repeat most Nigerian soup and food is not good cuz they learnt if from other African countries and did not learn it well😂

    Harsh but true

  3. Why are people offended about the video? When this same channel made a video of black people trying white people food, making a mock by not putting actual dishes and made fun of there shit to?!?! Lmao I'm so confused! This was just as funny as that video im talking about!

  4. The most offensive shit I have ever watched. “Taste poor” WHAT ?! Do these Americans not know how to be respectful. Never bring those three guys back. Actually just cancel the whole idea of Americans trying any other countries food.

  5. the dude in the red and the one next to him is mad rude. like your talking shit about it but yet your eating it like wtf no wonder why your roomate don't feel comfortable eating around you weirdo