During a White House briefing Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said that President Trump agrees, all Black lives matter, but he will not support the phrase being pained on Fifth Avenue in New York City. McEnany went on to say the White House does not agree with an organization that chants “Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon.”
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White House Will Not Support Painting ‘Black Lives Matter’ On Fifth Avenue In NYC | NBC News NOW

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  1. Dont believe distorted and bios commentaries by the "Left" , why do you
    think some of the BLM youtube vids have comments turned off? free your
    mind and watch and share this trailer ~~~> ,., ​youtube.com/watch?v=QVLj-zARCv8

  2. VOTE FOR ALL (R) on Election Day, Nancy Pelosi's PAID foot soldiers, the same Antifa anarchists that destroyed Democrat cities, have left to begin harvesting no less than 25 MILLION blank mail-in ballots FYI-(over 23 million voter fraud ballots mailed in during midterms 2019) Once again Pelosi's called upon her paid foot soldiers with intentions of committing voter fraud to steal the election away from President Trump and all Republicans running for office. Look at Nancy Pelosi's 12th district in San Franciso Pelosi doesn't want you to see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wh6saOx-Q6s
    Is this the America you want to live in, Socialism?? I didn't think so! Vote Trump 2020

  3. When I saw that woman in the street painting over the BLM sign, I instinctively thought..thats what these people do best, cover-up and suppress. Cover-up facts, cover-up truths, cover-up true history, cover-up archaeology, attempt to suppress consciousness, cover-up Black. An ambitious methodical campaign centuries in the making. Well all that is hidden will be uncovered, and you will be the ones covered with shame forever.

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  5. Ooo but killing blacks for hundreds of years w/o cause is OK?? Not to mention the countless ##'s of suicide callers who are viewed as lost cause!!??

  6. Black lives matter is racist slogan because all lives matter ❗️
    This is the stupid job done by power hunger DemocRats.
    Black , white or yellow or brown we Christians are one United in God .
    God bless the President and our law enforcement officers ❗️🙏👨‍✈️😇✊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. Of course the WH will not support it. Not only is it vandilism, which is a crime, the facts don't support racially motivated police brutality. Sorry I hurt your feelings liberals. Check out the washington post and provide some facts before you freak out saying all cops are evil.

  8. If all lives matter then why are you not protesting for justice? I'm not a liberal but it's hypocritical you only say all lives matter to insult blm and I'm not talking about the organization most protestors are not members of blm but they do use the slogan black lives matter but the ALM should have said it first and protested against police brutality but instead they used it as a counter protest slogan to insult the protestors y'all fake people are helping Biden get elected evertime you say all lives matter because everyone sees right through your bs… No one would have a problem with saying all lives matter if you would have said it first and actually stood up for people murdered by police but you didn't you just bickered and complained about the protests more angry at a police station being burned than at people being murdered you are not real Patriots you are helping the fake Democrats win and they will take your guns and the cops will be killing you next think it's a game if you want to I warned you

  9. They have to look at history to the present time as a whole, the events from the 60’s and back, and then you have 2020, when a man gets killed in broad daylight with a knee on his neck for no reason. I mean really.

  10. Highlighted reply

    Anon Non

    7 hours ago

    @Suspect Down 135,000 deaths from Covid. Trump has alienated our allies, while cozying up to our enemies like Russia. His policy in Israel could start World War 3. His refusal to address systemic racism in America and his quiet nod to racists could ignite a race war. His one saving grace is that he seems tough on China, but according to John Bolton that is fake and all an act. I can't stand Biden and I am considering voting for him. The whole drain the swamp thing was about getting rid of corruption in D.C. but Trump has just added to it.

    Suspect Down

    @Anon Non Your opinion is based on lies and biased by those lies. Means nothing. History has already proven the positive President Trump has done and all that while fighting the worlds nasty swamp creatures. Keep your opinion to yourself. Considering to vote for Biden proves your willful ignorance supporting evil lies and world corruption.
    You will be choosing to give a vote and agreement to ONE of the most corrupt swamp creatures in the world.