White Families vs Black Families

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  1. 0:23 some ish on the news last week bought me here… I'm like they just 😱 of our skin. Cause if ya open your door a few well-dressed white ppl in ya house ya ☺ but what if its a room full of young nigga

  2. Lol. I’ve been told by my black friends I am the whitest black mom they’ve ever met. My kids always knew I’d spank them in public. They learned quick. (Oh, and I took the description as a compliment)

  3. I'm from Yorkshire England and my mam would kick the living shit out of me! She was a single parent as well and if she had to leave work to come to.school or police station I knew it was going to be a beating with shoes or belt.

  4. Aries, forever one of my favorite comics. Got his humor together. Gets me laughing my ass off right off the bat and doesn't let up until he exits the stage.

  5. From 2011-2017, Planned Parenthood murdered 2,295,271 unborn children. Out of that number 1,032,871 (45%) of them were BLACK even though blacks only make up 13% of our population. Sounds like black genocide to me. Think twice before voting Democrat.

  6. Real shit, when i was in 1st grade I was resisting my mom about going to school! The bus rolled up! The bus aide saw the struggle. She got out of the bus, grabbed my arm, whacked three times in the ass, and you best believe I got on that bus!