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  1. I live near Memphis and you know what
    Some of my friends have killed by thugs and the news treats it with no kind of care whatsoever. It’s like the band body count says, 17 killed in homicide now sports. Then what happens when these thugs are killed, they loose they’re minds about it. And then suddenly act like they care about it. That’s messed up

  2. I respect you and what you do by the way, i have no idea of where you live or grew up, but i think its a bit behind the times in a way possibly?? You mentioned bringing 2 diff together for a convo, well just a perception to throw at ya, —its been happening, noticeable angle is the Black folks that make it out the hood and get successful and mad rich, and with all that comes a shit ton of White folks, White folks these said Black folks enjoy being around and quickly find the similarities you speak of; would just be cool if they were more vocal right now. 90% of the ones who make it out the hood NEVER go back and spend real time, they dont wanna hear all that same ole angry poor me BS, OR GET SHOT!😂 ——-Not arguing, just a topic with an example for back up———Its shit like TMZ showing a Black & White kid playing at Wal Mart, like it was 1920 & its the first time its happened, fkkn insane🤦🏽‍♂️. Your idea made me think of that.😄🤷🏽‍♂️😁)

  3. Which black lives matter? The ones that have respect, love for other people, and American pride. Those lives matter. If you have to put a color in front of “Lives matter” you’re racist, period.

  4. Anyone that can make it to Jacksonville Florida on October 3rd 5pm. We could use as much help as possible to protest and stop the BLM 1st annual 5k run. PLEASE SHARE AND SUPPORT OUR PROTEST AGAINST THESE MARXISTS!!

  5. I’ve been saying the same thing for years too. Been kicked out shut down highlighted they call me a conspiracy theorist. Hah ha ho Love you show bro and ur music is a real bonus. Trying to go back and rewatch all your stuff so I can click the like button 🤦🏻‍♂️

  6. I agree with everything he said, mostly, because he at least proposed a solution. The fact of the matter BLM exists because people are focusing on that. But from my perspective, this is like complaining about ripples in the water after you throw a rock in it. The one who through the rock should be the focus. I am not here to debate BLM. I truly am an individual that loves unconditionally. Even those of you who might try and throw hate my way now. If we want to change something, the only comments we should be making sre about what we want. Not what we don't want. No one can change what has happened. You can choose to keep us all in this vibration of fear , hate, stress, frustration and division, or you can change it to a world of understanding, compassion, empathy, happiness, and inclusion. I choose the latter.

  7. System is failing all of us vets,farmers etc we all soon will be homeless I don't see Trump fixing that I do see people that have lots of money getting tax breaks and more money. War hero's they get homeless

  8. We are all equal, no matter what our skin color, no matter where we come from, no matter how much money we make or what we’ve been through in our lives. We are all human. We all came from the same land, the same mother, the same father originally. WE ARE ALL FAMILY.

  9. You mentioned Chicago. That is an outstanding idea. When is the NFAC going to help matters there? How about Inglewood, Baltimore, the list goes on. Insist the media come up with accurate accounts.