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  1. 1:59 LIE … They were looking for suspects NOT drugs, Breonna's ex was a drug dealer and frequented that apartment even after they broke up. Cops were justified in returning fire, get upset at the 'plain clothes raids' if you want, but that isn't going anywhere either because undercover police will ALWAYS exist. Rightfully so. Shitty situation, but her boyfriend who shot through the closed door got her killed. Period.

    2:36 LIE … Asphyxiation was NOT the cause of death, George Floyd died from a heart attack. He had well over the 'over-dose' levels of fentanyl (opium) in his system. He also asked the police to hold him on the ground, and refused to sit in the squad car.

    2:46 LIE … Again, Eric Garner wasn't choked to death. He resisted arrest and was subdued by an officer with a chokehold. He had shallow breaths and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance where he went into cardiac arrest because he was also asthmatic. The cop used a legal choke hold, and wouldn't have known Eric had asthma. Shitty situation that could have gone different if he didn't resist arrest multiple times. (There is a common trend with that it seems)

    32 people are now dead because of YOUR FUCKING LIES and the people like you who love to tout themselves as heroes.

  2. Casey, if you say that someone is privileged because they are white skinned, aren't you judging someone by the color of their skin & not the content of their character? Many are confused about this for some reason.

  3. I used to really support BLM. The movement used to bring people together, we all wanted change for the best. Now it's devolved into chaos, it tears people apart and puts them against each other, it wants to destroy what we have instead or change and improve it.

    BLM was a force for good, now it's been highjacked by antifa an extreme group of racist white liberals. It makes me sad, antifa is just as bad as the proud boys. We're all being played for fools.

  4. We understand that some cops get away with murder, but so do other people. Both are equally unjust so stop going after the cops! BLM wants Marxism and, unless you have no brain, you would understand that Marxism is inefficient and immoral.



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  6. This 53 year old Black man, whose personally lived through a lot of traumatic experiences because of racism in our country, thanks you from the bottom of his heart.

    You didn’t have to take this position. You certainly didn’t have to vocalize your position and risk marring your own reputation and success with your viewers.

    So thank you for being a good man, Casey. I pray those who may not listen to me might listen to you.