Winnipeg Jets captain and Minnesota native Blake Wheeler discusses the protests happening across the United States and how white athletes can promote change.

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  1. If there ever such thing as white privilege this guy is the epitome of white privilege. Grew up in a rich family has been pampered all his life. He also lives in a bubble makes $10 million a year and lives behind a gate.

  2. Hey Blake how about the white woman that was killed by that black policeman couple years ago or the 5 year old white boy that was thrown from 3rd level balcony from that black guy in the Mall of America. Both crime in Minneapolis your hometown. Where theirs human rights why don't you speak about that Blake?

  3. Blake shouldn't be the one talking on this issue. You and your guys got Evander Kane traded for being himself, a proud young black man. But we ain't gonna go there…

  4. Cops getting shot, people getting run over by vehicles, smashed in the head with rocks left lying on the road to die, old lady’s being beating outside of their business with pieces of wood and other objects, lighting fire to churches/cars/business/houses…. using the death of a man as an excuse to walk out of stores being looted on with a brand new TV or a nice pair of shoes while smiling and taking selfies!…. yup, this is really about police brutality. What a joke.