President Trump and the White House Coronavirus Task Force brief reporters on the anticipated peak and deaths from coronavirus in the United States, medical supplies and testing, and the plan to build up infrastructure.
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  1. The U.S. passed 150,000 COVID-19 deaths on July 29, and the current projection is 230,822 COVID-19 deaths by November 1, and this is unlikely to be the final number as the pandemic is likely to continue through all winter months.

    Thus the initial projections were overly optimistic, which is not surprising considering that they rely on early data and only 50% of COVID-19 deaths happens during the first months since infection, while other half happens later. So if you enter correction for this, you would get between 200,000 and 480,000 COVID-19 deaths in the US.

  2. I tried to focus on what he was saying in the first seconds, but my eyes distracted my brain because it keeps staring at his eyelids and my brain is questioning why his eyelids are too white?… >>

  3. The experts were saying "don't expect the low 100K deaths." Trump said we'd do much better. May 1, CDC numbers: 37,308. Trump was right… again.

  4. There is the proof. He got a memo in January about the virus and that a lot of people would die. He started testing in the middle of March. It's a Trumpandemic.

  5. Please HELP us! Notice how he thanked Telecomm giants (trying to pre-emptively paint them as on our side). With the FCC acting as the 🦊 guarding the hen house, WHY would our great President Trump sign on to 5G (a military-grade weapon at 60 GHz, that will turn every square inch of the USA into a SMART (Secret Militarized Armaments in Residential Technology!) grid)❓❗️Pulsating 60 GHz WILL kill humans. Did Trump NOT watch the comprehensive video of the thousands of real studies OR, please NO, is he part of this plan to kill American citizens (& for WHAT? Faster internet, self-driving cars, robots, the government literally tracking our every move, AI, etc. Do any of u want to trade YOUR LIFE for that, to compete with China)❓❗️

  6. Not taking your forced "chip" vaccine you are trying to brainwash us in taking with your immuno suppressant 5G kill grid. Think people are waking up to your BS as there is 50% thumbs down on this vid which is nice to see. Trump you disappoint me.

  7. The only and last press conference that Trump needs to have should go like this…. I Donald Trump would like to apologize to the American people for misleading and causing such a mess that I have made of your country. I admit that I am not capable of leading this country , so I am resigning immediately to allow someone who has the intelligence and compassion to do so. I am very sorry for what I have done. If you will excuse me now, I am going to go hang myself!

  8. What is happening in US is heavily impact on the world right now. Though Mr. Trump sometimes makes me and most of the people around the world confuse from his speech, right now he is concentrating on battle with the pandemic. Let him finish his battle with honor as the US President and as one of the greatest world leaders. Win the battle Mr President and bring back America again. God with you.

  9. You Americans know very well that there is a power that controls nations, you know very well that the virus will reduce the population worldwide, because your citizens are scared and have psychosis if 2020 was already predisposed to this but was not prepared , That their minds are not weakened so that their forces do not decay or that their mind or heart fall into depression in this confinement because that is that part of their doctrine, nor do they weaken their defenses in stress because this disguised virus only attacks weaker, pray, fast and honor God before going to bed, the name of Jesus and his blood she will cover you and calm your grieving minds and nothing bad will happen

  10. One Trump is a Fallen Angel there is more then one Devil Minion Trump they Our The Enemy Time For Us To Shine Our Light Soon Be Our True Form A Light Energy Spiritual Being I Got Our Beautiful Father Almighty God The Most High 😍🙌💙The Creator Of It all !!! ☝️👼😊🤗💙

  11. The next step is to make up numbers and lie like China, they actually realized it can’t be stopped….when lying doesn’t work and everyone including your neighbors are without supplies…..then that’s when the looting starts

  12. Aid to NY From Russia. A Russian cargo plane carrying medical equipment lands at John F. Kennedy International Airport on April 1, 2020. The United States has confirmed the arrival of a plane carrying medical supplies that it says were purchased from Russia to help fight the coronavirus outbreak. Russia's deputy UN ambassador, Dmitry Polyansky, said the shipment was a "good gesture of solidarity with New Yorkers who are in a very difficult situation at the moment," according to the Russian UN Mission on Twitter. "I thought this was a stupid April Fool's joke but turns out it's true. Russia really did SELL the U.S. masks and medical equipment at a time when doctors and nurses all over the country are working without masks and infecting one another. It's monstrous. Putin's crazy …"

  13. perfect time to fix the bridges and roads maybe, freshly paint lanes. Oftentimes in the rain / fog, you cannot see the lanes at all.

  14. Democrat Protesters please Question Trump About The 5G Towers they keep putting up in Citys of Texas its Spreading Radiation and Also -Blank-19 i cant go to far into detail because they may be watching everysingle Comment to prevent us from Stopping This