New York Governor Andrew Cuomo provides update on coronavirus testing, rise in cases and medical response in New York State.
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  1. Carles (FNU) said there aren’t enough personnel who have ever worked in ICU but they’re working there! All people should have been learning science and medicine since 1900 (& earlier but I can’t say that) and the reason is capitalism, forcing people to work in industries that never should have existed. And everything might get worse because farmers can’t hire workers to harvest their crops…so we all might be starving soon, because even if the virus stops in 5 weeks it’ll be too late to harvest crops.

  2. Hey Andrew I have to say the way you had stand up for the people especially in New York it will go record the way you care about our humanity I thank you for who u are and your leadership my respect to you you are a stand up human being God blessed you we need people like you in Washington, Thank you good bless you and your family!

  3. Hydroxychloroquine has been proven to work with little to no side effects in China,Turkey and in other countries around the world . It works, so please Governor Cuomo stop murdering people in New York by denying them the cure.

  4. NO, we need to quarantine New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and every other state for a full quarantine for the full duration. What he is suggesting is not Science. It is politics. STOP THIS DISEASE!! DON'T ALLOW THIS DISEASE TO SPREAD!!


    President Trump needs to go ahead with the quarantine and he knows it. Never mind what Fauci and Cuomo says. Fauci and Cuomo can thank President Trump when this is all over. But, for now, the first weeks, QUARANTINE NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY AND CONNECTICUT!! QUARANTINE EVERY STATE!!

    After that he can move it to the STRONG TRAVEL ADVISORY for however long it takes!!



    After that he can move it to the STRONG TRAVEL ADVISORY for however long it takes!!

    Dr. Fauci and Mr. Cuomo will understand this.

    You understand, to drive it forward that everyone has to follow the precautions it needs to get done with a definite result. It needs to be known that without it there will be no businesses left, no restaurants, no hotels, no urban populations, no Earthly human life.

    It needs to be made known the importance of these practices of preservation and safety. After a certain time, perhaps only weeks, they may be reduced to a STRONG TRAVEL ADVISORY. By then, it will be known in the population the vital importance of these practices for everyone. Otherwise, many will not really follow it or get it or take it seriously or what have you and the next term for everyone won't exist.

    So, what is needed are the precautions suggested by both President Trump and Dr. Fauci, but it needs to be with expedience, or there will be nothing left for anyone to be doing this for.

    Dr. Fauci and Mr. Cuomo will understand this.

  5. In the midst of the Ebola outbreak in October 2014, Cuomo joked that health care workers who were under quarantine after returning from treating patients in Africa should take the time to read his memoir, “All Things Possible: Setbacks and Success in Politics and in Life.” “Twenty-one days, in your home, with your friends and your family, and you’ll be compensated,” he said. “Read a book, read my book. You don’t have to read my book, but stay home for 21 days.”

    Bill Samuels, a liberal Cuomo critic, blasted the governor for his “cringe-inducing gaffes about Ebola patients reading his book while quarantined.”

  6. For his attempts to expand mass incarceration in New York and to cut Medicaid funding, Black America will be sure to deny Andrew Cuomo votes if he runs for president. Cuomo even refuses to release elderly inmates during a pandemic racing through the prison system. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has at least signed the First Step Act into law. We no longer reward mass incarceration. Cuomo needs to review and reconsider, then come back with a better offer. We'll wait. But not long.

  7. China not only has lied to us about the existence of this virus. But they were caught taking samples of the SARS virus out of the US. They’re paying people off in organizations to lie and spread propaganda. They kept details of the virus late last year and earlier this year to themselves and tried to milk the entire world of medical supplies to save themselves and at detriment to others. They Jailed and silenced anyone who would tell the truth. Our media is currently acting as the propaganda arm of the CCP. Our leadership in the past and some currently look to send our business and manufacturing overseas for bribes. They downplay how detrimental the CCP is to our national security. Make fun and or consider the idea of the security risk China poses as racist. We need to take a hard look at our leadership and the media we consume and how we handle China in the future.

  8. You my sir are part of the government you need to be coming up with medication to solve the problem instead of putting us in our houses what about the homeless

  9. The one good thing out of all of this is since the rest of the world has its outbreak while China is able to get on their feet we have the manufacturing capacity of China coming online when we need it most.

  10. Governor Andrew Cuomo-
    Very noble of you indeed, hopefully many others can take your actions as an Inspiration to do the same
    Thank you so much!
    P.S I'm a Bilingual Entrepreneur_ready to help you! please don't hesitate to contact me via messenger or tweet