John Boyega got emotional speaking about the Black Lives Matter movement during a protest in London on Wednesday. The ‘Star Wars’ actor plead that ‘now is the time’ for the movement growing around the world.

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  1. Look at this headline, look how the mainstream media outlet ET colludes with radical leftists to portray this in some flattering light. They never run an objective or conservative headline, everything is far, far left. Whipping up anxiety where none should exist. For MARXIST agitators. Pay attention people. Next they'll be telling you "pedophilia is a lifestyle choice".

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  3. How come only the black people don't obey orders from the police??? We don't see white, yellow, red or brown people shot by the police because they ignore the orders from the police, so the blacks should address in their community the disrespect for the authorities. Every time a black person is arrested with drugs or guns or caught stealing their response is 'because i'm black' i'm fed up of this bullshit blaming culture by the blacks and using their skin colour to portray themselves as victims. If you do something wrong you are going to face the consequences, simple. Every life matter not only the black!!!

  4. I can only imagine how hard it was for him on the set of star wars being constantly reminded by everyone that his race didn’t matter. Shame on the racist people who cast him in his role and paid him well for his work!

  5. In reality, Black Lives Matter More, that's open for you to interperate what I mean by that. The anti white agenda paints non whites as the victim in America in order to dehumanize us, and once they dehumanize us they rationalize and believe they have the right to inflict harm onto us. Anti whitism accuses us of being the eternal oppressors, and white people need to start defending themselves from it. Go Free of anti whitism and YT

  6. Bet boyega feels stupid now after the bodycam footage was released the cops did nothing wrong floyd resisted arrest the wouldn’t go into the police car was saying before chauvin kneeled on his neck he couldn’t breath and was dying and he asked to go on the ground. The coronor report is saying asphyxiation from a drug overdose so it’s likely chauvin will get off. If this bodycam footage was leaked sooner all of these stupid protests, riots and lootings wouldn’t have happened and there would have been no harmed caused by the mass morons who believe everything the media report straight away 🙄

  7. This movement is very bad and their goals are stupid
    I live in a third world country in the wealthiest area and here there is a lot of robbers we can't go to the streets without risking being robbed
    Here we want more money to fund the police and these idiots want to defund them seriously they want the crime rate to go up or what
    You can't be that stupid

  8. "He was a gang member with 8 illegitimate kids who robbed the 7-Eleven every night but he was also an upstanding member of his church and was bound to be the next president. "
    BLM logic.

  9. Why do most people think G Floyd was killed because of his skin colour?…….. Anyone know….. No you don't. My names John Boyega the last 3 starwars movies I was in were shit! Any jobs Hollywood look at me BLM awwwww John get off the bandwagon.

  10. Defunding the police guarantees the extermination of the blacks in the cities via genocide. Democrats reached deep to their roots of racism and eugenics for this one.

  11. How about the six murdered black children this weekend? Killed by whites? By police?

    George Floyd=Thug

    Say these names, BLM:

    Secoriea Turner
    David Dorn
    You try…
    Good job!
    Now, if you care about police violence, here’s a name for you to say:
    Justine Damond
    Go ahead… you try!

  12. For Jesus Christ ALM – All Lives Matter. He died and resurrected for remissions of everybody's pre-existing sins to save from eternal hell. Accept HIM. Be saved from eternal hell. For free.