Jacksonville’s enforcement of pedestrian violations raises concerns about another example of racial profiling:

After watching a viral video of a Jacksonville cop stopping a young black man for jaywalking, reporters Ben Conarck and Topher Sanders examine how “walking while black” can come at a high price. In this second piece of the Vox + ProPublica collaboration, they dig into how police citations for pedestrian violations often fall along the lines of race and poverty, and introduce us to some of the people fighting these tickets.

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  1. This isn't a "south" issue. It's country wide. We the people could fox these issues by way of the ballot box. Make punishments and terminations mandatory in clear abuse issues. Create a nation wide data base that include all disciplinary actions and terminations. Change hiring practices that would prevent bad officers to simply go down the road to be hired again. Make recommendations for hiring illegal but make an officers full record available to any inquiring to hire them. Hold local law enforcement leaders liable for hiring known bad cops. It's all about making those in charge responsible. Hit the wallet hard and add some community service along side other inmates to bring them back down to where we the people live.

  2. Jaywalking is the dumbest crime ever, i jaywalk every single time i walk across the street, unless the traffic makes it hard for me to cross..
    Laws are only there for people who have no morals, im gonna jaywalk 4 times in the next hour..

  3. If that ticket doesn't get him the police officer of the month, something's wrong. In my opinion crime of the century, not. And threatens I'm going to put you in jail for walking against the red hand in a crosswalk, just think about that.Hangouts with my ticket for walking without an id. said it's a law that you have to carry an id. That's true if you're driving or operating a motor vehicle.

  4. At 3:53, we stated the black population of Jacksonville is 30%. In fact, according to ProPublica’s latest methodology, it’s 29.4%. And at 5:26, we state there were 387 tickets given for walking in the roadway where sidewalks are provided. That number should be updated to 386.