This was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had!
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Many thanks to Afia Tours ( for taking on this amazing village food day trip in Ghana (Note: I paid for this tour, it is not sponsored, but I fully recommend it – it was awesome)!

It was about a three hour drive from Accra to get to the village. The village was somewhere in the central Cape Coast region of Ghana (however no near to the coast, but much inland). The people from the village were so incredibly friendly, and it was one of the most genuinely hospitable and friendly villages I’ve ever visited. It was an honor and privilege to spend time at the village.

As we arrived, they had already started cooking some Ghanaian food specialties. One the menu, we had banku with okra soup, fufu (a staple of West African food) with palm nut soup, and finally fried plantains with beans. All the food was incredibly good, and it was one of the best bowls of fufu I ate during my entire time in Ghana.

Thanks again to Afia Tours ( for setting this up!

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  1. Oh my goodness the most sweetest children what treasures I'm just smiling the biggest smile through this video and they are such sweeties!!!!! The perfect little chubby cheeks their mommas probably love to kiss. Amazing delicious looking food and hospitality! Wish I could taste the fufu right now! So curious!

  2. .Love the video the food looked amazing and love how you’re so filled with excitement to be there. Love your genuine smile. Thanks for taking us with you on your amazing trip to Ghana

  3. All r ToO GoOd and BeAuTiFuL….
    Cooking s OsM… Love to be there with natural goods and foods…
    Amazing love…. Loads of happy…
    Love u all people…. Be blessed ….

  4. NOW YOU WANT THE TRUTH ABOUT AFRICA? i lived in Europe for years and africa is repeatedly begging for food and cash. We sent building supplies to Africa to build homes and the supplies are constantly stolen, all of their neighbors have bars on the windows of their houses, to keep other africans out. Fathers pay off debts by handing over their little daughter, EVEN A TODDLER WHOM HE'LL NEVER SEE AGAIN. if a woman works hard it's because the man wont work, i lived in Europe where hundreds of african men run the streets leaving behind in Africa his wife and starving kids. TRAVEL AS I HAVE and see reality.

  5. My Granny born and bred in Guyana, South America, made fufu. I remember her pounding the plantain in her floor mortar. Thia is making me so hungry. Yummy! Wish there was smell and tastavision.🙂😃😋