An African-American man says he and his family were kicked out of a Bay Area store after trying on hats and clothes. He took cell phone video of the incident, which has now gone viral.

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  1. Karma…now CoVid 19..probably get no customers…store closed..good…a whole of the racist shops, eateries, restaurants who treated blacks as unimportant now they get no business..Good Karma

  2. If you idiots would research before making comments you would see that this store is notorious for being racist. 90% of the reviews were negative and they all said the same thing. That the owner is a douchebag! Glad they finally closed their racist asses down!

  3. LoveTruth <>This is what Occurred when the Military Allowed Satanic Practices into the Intelligentsia Agencies And Agents—as you can see the Levels Of Social Weaponized Culture when even the most Innocent Citizens Are Dehumanized To The Point Of Barbaric Human Behavior 🔥🕊🔥

  4. Nobody is perfect, but I think it gets racist when the individual promotes it or telling others it is…those are the real racist ones… at the least to themselves. Do not accuse others as racist before asking yourself if you yourselves are racist too. Good character will cover the color of everyones skin. Peace to us all.

  5. Be disrespectful and then pull the race card, I can say thats typical of the bay. No Respect Period on all sides! I too miss my my home, I will be leaving the bay, you all can have it.

  6. Wait, I thought California was a big love in full of kind hearted liberals, unlike those awful Trump racists! 😂😂😂