Hey Guys,

here is another in deep guitar lesson for a nice neo-soul chord progression I came up with. In this tutorial I show some of the variations I’m using on chords to create chord melody as well as a cool playing technique. Stay tuned

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  1. Quick question… why is it so common for neo soul guitarists to play a G/A (instead of a G) or A/B (instead of A)? I have noticed that lately. I guess it makes the chord sound a little bit darker. Just curious…

  2. anyone with tips on that first chord? the bar on index while keeping the middle past the bar is messing me up. the middle wants to lay down too and covers the D string muting it

  3. Hi,
    Please keep uploading good stuff like this
    I'm an acoustic guitar player, so I don't have much knowledge in electric world. May I ask you what should I buy to get the sound like yours in this video? (any special kind of strat or effects?)
    Thank you so much and keep uploading