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Tensions were running high between protesters marching in support of the police, namely Blue Lives Matter rally-goers, and a group of Black Lives Matter (BLM) counter-protesters in New York City on Sunday.

At least one BLM protester was detained as scuffles broke out.

Joey, one of the participants in solidarity with the police said: “I think the majority of people are good people that really do want law and order, there’s a small group that seems like their voice is a little bit louder but we need more of this, we need people to see that people really do care about our men and women in the force.”

Sunday’s march in New York City comes at a time when several confrontations between Blue Lives Matter rallies under the slogan “Back to Blue” and BLM protests, have been taking place across the country.

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  1. The protestors need to change their slogan to "only black lives matter" as they have no sympathy or appreciation for other lives, property, law, or national interest

  2. How could any reasonable mind think these White people truly care about Black people. Just bored opportunists with nothing else to do like be at home helping educate their children. Rascist folk masquerading as liberal minded souls as being culturally and socially correct. I've been around enough of them in Portland, Seattle to observe it.

  3. It cracks me up, all these white people saying Black lives matter….you know dam well those are the same white people that lock there doors when they see a black person walking by them!!! Lmao this blm stuff is like a song that gets played to much. Eventually people will stop listening and change the channel

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  5. HAHAHAHA! All my 45 years I saw it and I knew it. Before 3rd grade a kid in the sandbox under some dome said to me '' if you want to be friends we got to fight…. WHY? I dont know we just have to fight….That stuck with me to this day.

  6. You know how peaceful they are when they carry weapons to their peaceful riots. People are going to get killed. They go into residential areas with molotov cocktail and threaten families. It won't turn out good. People are going to defend themselves.

  7. Ultimately, this has to be resolved at the ballot box: citizens should vote officials that they support. If Democratic Party Mayors and Governors are booted out then it’s clear the electorate recognizes their incompetence.

  8. You know Asians go through a lot of discrimination and is still happening today, if an Asian dude has 1 point more than a black dude to go to a certain college the black dude will get it first. So tell me is that black privilege?

  9. Democrats want to take your guns
    Democrat Jerry Nadler said Antifa Violence was fiction
    Antifa screwed the doors of the Portland PD closed before setting it on fire with officers inside.
    When they get tired of burning govt. buildings they will come to your home.