It was in 2008 that Barack Obama became the first African-American to win the White House.

His victory was a turning point in the US’ tumultuous history of race relations.

So, eight years later, after securing two presidential terms, what legacy does Obama leave behind?

Domestic policy

During Obama’s presidency, the number of Americans without health insurance has hit historic lows.

Millions of people, previously uninsured, have gained access to the health system for the first time.


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  1. Actually, John Hanson, the actual first President was also black The racist islamo commie ali-bama was NOT first… he is not even a US citizen. What's more, he is half white.

  2. he is mixed mama was white. it would be interesting if there was a chosen one. my o my how things would change. in my opinion really don’t think they will ever be one nor a woman president. the book of law has many rules unspoken to the public from our founding fathers if you call them that. they made it known there will never be a true African American world leader after what we have done in history.

  3. If I were black, I'd be angry that the first "black" president was actually only half-black, and raised entirely by wealthy white people. Obama was a faux black president. Now, Jesse Jackson in the 80's, or Nina Turner today – THOSE are real candidates to be the first black president. Obama was just something to placate the masses. It's ridiculous.

  4. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…This is great… You morons voted for the WRONG BLACK PRESIDENT….You jumped the gun and went for the first one…Ha ha …idiots…You will have a VERY HARD TIME trying to do this again. If this guy (Obama) said he would ruin your lives…you still would have voted for him. You are "color-blind". You don't care about ANY issues, you just care that the candidate is the same RACE as you. You know it and that's it. Any "WHITE" person as president would have been impeached with your "BLACK" person's record. Good F-ing luck next time…..Your last choice REALLY messed up the country.