For medical education- NSFE. Here is a recap, one month later, of my patient who had big blackheads on the back. The blackheads had been there for quite some time, so you can see they cause pretty enlarged, dissented pores which will shrink slightly, but probably not completely. “Mother” which was the unending blackhead/cyst still has a scab present. It’s still healing, but I’m sure the scab will eventually fall off and she probably won’t have a dilated pore there. No sign of infection or pain, she is doing well. I’ll post the video of my excision of the two cysts on her neck soon. Thank you for watching!

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  1. People, come on! Have some respect. She is elderly and probably very lonely. It breaks my heart when people feel entitled to make fun of elderly people. If you can't tolerate her talking watch a different video or turn down the volume. A lot of elderly people talk a lot. Imagine getting older, your children are grown and are raising thier own children (ignoring you because they're too busy"), your friends have likely passed on or they're unable to make contact for some other reason, you're lonely and spend most of your time sad and looking for human connection. I see this a lot and it breaks my heart. My 83 yr old grandmother is like this, especially now during the Corona virus. I am her caregiver. Prior to the pandemic I would try to spend as much time with her as I can but I also have my 77 yr old father-in-law who is in worse shape living with me and needing more constant attention. My heart breaks for our elderly citizens. People are too damn selfish to make time for their elderly family members. It's disgraceful that at 28 years old I have been told by almost every medical provider I come into contact with that its strange to see someone in the younger generation caring for their elderly family members. What the f*ck?! Why is that so unusual? I love spending time with older folks. They have so much experience to share, stories to tell, lessons to teach. Take a seat and listen once in awhile. I promise you'll learn more valuable lessons, life hacks, history and feel more grateful, loved and earn appreciation from communicating with an elderly person for one hour than you would scrolling Facebook/youtube/Instagram all damn day. You'll be less stressed too. You'll also learn how not to give a damn and I promise you'll feel better for it. Try it. I encourage you to call an elderly relative, actually I challenge you to. Ask them to tell you about their favorite memory. If you listen to them, TRULY LISTEN you won't be disappointed.