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  1. Now everybody know damn well that you cannot trust most black accountants with you're money and especially if its in the 7 figures.When I start seeing more righteous black money men than corrupt ones, the maybe I will change my mind.

  2. Facts in America Black Folk the best Folk outside of my Albanians …and in reality Black Folk do have the best they love the finer things in life and they show you how to get it by any means necsassary

  3. If you look for wrong hard enough you will find it some people find wrong in right it's always going to be two side to everybody opinion and an opinion is just like a ads hole God gave everybody one

  4. Bottom line – if you know anything about the NFL Players Association and the most recent CBA you will also know that being a revolutionary and a NFL player is such a conflicting strategy that success in both is almost impossible! In fact, Kaepernick would have come close if he was actually better on the field than most people think he was! AND, instead of being cut, he retired to dedicate his time to addressing social ills in the community. While it took guts to protest the way he did, it was an ill-conceived venture with no goal. You will not find many Jim Brown-like characters in today's NFL (probably not even one)! Sorry y'all….

  5. Jay z is not an activist, people putting MLK or Malcolm X type of pressure on Jay Z. Stop it, he isnt shy about being a business man and feelings dont mix with business.

  6. If a white agent negotiate a deal that a black one cannot…I mean it's a no brainier. But Luke must've forgot how he ripped off black rappers,black singers on his record label. Hmmm

  7. Hey Good morning ! The National Football League always had a problem ! BACK IN THE DAY . The old school owners did not want black athletes on the team ! The only way to make it work they had to integrate black players ,. And it Took Doug Williams to Win the Super bowl and been a Most Valuable Player ! To achieve it ! Still you had Tony Dungy Mike Tomlin Winning as NFL coaches Then Ozzie Newsome being the general manager of the Baltimore Ravens winning two titles ! All this stuff didn't have to happen until that orange hair bigot call me players SOB ! then to banned Colin Kaepernick even though kneeling is still a sign of respect . Now back in the day Luther Campbell bought back some respect for the University of Miami , and what Jay-Z did wasn't Right or Wrong if he had to put his foot in the door to get in so be it it would be nice that a African-American could become a NFL owner I would love to see that day ? You guys have a great show continue the work 👍

  8. I think Uncle Luke is trying to bring attention to his firm, if I'm correct him & his wife have 2 nfl athletes they represent. But by his logic in what he said, they should start dating black women first. I believe love is organic but some of those dudes wouldn't sista with a 10' Pole.

  9. Sit back and watch this power move Jay Z bout to make I've been saying this from the beginning this is a chest move look how much controversy this is stirring up

  10. Glad someone like Uncle Luke has spoken. And the way we see it there are two type of people in this world. The ones that complain and moan and do nothing to change what they are moaning about and the ones that take action about changing what they moan about…And as far as Black Athletes yes it's because of being subconsciously poorly educated. So we have to start with teaching and showing our children that Black People are the best people to go to.

  11. Some younger people are not aware that at times you should put your EGO ASIDE for BETTERMENT… i will say, either Jay-z is being PUSHED by HIS HIGHER UPS OR, HE MEANS WELL I THINK….