Filmmaker Tyler Perry hopped on social media to share the importance of taking a vitamin D supplement as way to protect our health during the pandemic.

The movie mogul posted a short Instagram video Tuesday sharing the benefits of the fat-soluble vitamin that is found in very few foods (such as the fatty flesh of salmon), noting that “it helps with immune and respiratory health.”

“This is not a cure for COVID-19. Please hear me clearly. This is not a cure for COVID-19,” Perry stressed.

Dr. Utibe R. Essien, Core Investigator at the Center for Health Equity Research and Promotion at the Pittsburgh Healthcare System spoke with Roland Martin about Perry’s remarks during Wednesday’s edition of #RolandMartinUnfiltered.

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  1. Having evolved in a hot sunny climate the melanin prevents vitamin D synthesis. Slaves who lived in the north would regularly contract "rickets" because of the cold dark climate which is foreign to them. Foreign people in a foreign land y'all.

  2. Low Vitamin D levels is the root of the health disparity in America. The rise in Autism, diabetes, hypertension asthma are all linked to Vitamin D deficiency and it gets NONE of the attention it deserves. This is the HUGE tragedy because the information is available to all.

  3. All due respect to Dr. Issien, he is not current on his research. This is a matter of following the evidence until the evidence is proven. If he's not checking the Vitamin D levels in his African American patients he's not the voice for the time we're in. He knows our levels are low as a people so why not work to our levels to a healthier level?

  4. You're absolutely right and no one seems to care about the fact that blacks have this issue with vitamin D not the black Surgeon General not Obama not Trump not Ben Carson no one seems to give a crap and I really wish you would write some letters to the editor about this I've done it many times but no one seems to care I've contacted all the black Mayors Baltimore they don't care and yet the blocks are being hit the hardest with the coronavirus and I think it's specially in the northern regions it said that virtually every black person that lives north of of Florida has a good chance of being deficient in vitamin D

  5. I don’t know who Tyler Perry is but I know quite a bit about the importance of vitamin d. Good job and well said Mr. Perry.



  8. People with Vitamin D deficiency have a 63% higher risk of getting diabetes according to American Diabetes Association. Vitamin D deficiency is no joke. Everyone ESPECIALLY Black people should know their Vitamin D status. Because if you are Black you probably know somebody with Diabetes and they should know this since doctors like these don't seem to think it is necessary. DEMAND a Vitamin D blood level test especially for our elders.

  9. Thank you for reposting this! My husband has been following multiple physicians in multiple countries for 4 mos now, and several have been pointing this Vitamin deficiency epidemic as being a major issue in the battle against COVID-19! An epidemiologist posted an article in the Huff Post on May 6th noting that the manner that the US is handling this pandemic will lead to genocide of African American people in the US by default. Isn't the method that some states are opening and the businesses they are targeting to open first in the black community? Why? Follow Dr. John Campbell, Dr. Bhanu Gadde, Dr. Renu Mahtani (search CORONAVIRUS CAN BE PREVENTED VITAMIN D SOLUTION on Youtube) and the research they are sharing about Vitamin D and Coronavirus. What many doctors are just saying over the past week or so is what they have been saying for months! African Americans should consult your physician about getting on 50,000 IU/wk of Vitamin D and supplementing with magnesium, zinc, K2 ( to prevent calcification of vital organs and get the calcium in Vitamin D to bones), turmeric curcumin, boswellia (frankincense), and potassium to synergize the affect of Vitamin D. White and fair skinned people have the ability to get 50,000 IUs from sunlight but people of color are unable to. The melatonin in our bodies makes this impossible. We have to supplement in order to get to the level of ng/mil needed to protect our bodies at the cellular level, per Dr. Renu Mahtani. And research provided by Dr. John Campbell shows that a Vitamin D supplement can reduce the risk of contracting conronavirus/COVID-19 by up to 70%! Do your research people and please consult your physician before beginning any new supplements! People with renal conditions and heart conditions especially need to consult your physician, per the physicians we are following. IGNORE people who will not accept what they did not learn in medical school – many physicians have stated that they were not taught much about the immune system or how vitamins and minerals help in the fight against infections in medical school. Look at where the evidence points! Don't depend on a miracle drug or vaccination that has not been adequately tested to be administered in your body. Get on these natural products that can help protect us while they do extensive research on the solutions!!! We can get them without prescriptions and from foods high in these vitamins and minerals. In addition, let's exercise and get out in the sun! Together we will get through this!!! God is giving us knowledge.💕

  10. Sorry Roland you guys need to vet your Doctors. This man lacks information. Most black people are lactose intolerant Dairy is the the enemy to our system so for him to recommend diary as a great source of V-D WTH 😒🤦🏾‍♀️. Diary causes mucus in our system to thicken! Dairy is associated with increased risk of several immune-related disorders (from allergic conditions to autoimmune diseases), many being life-changing and difficult to treat. Which can actually hurt our respiratory system. Dairy thickens your mucus causing acute congestion. Come on man! Salmon “ fatty fish mushrooms, Oranges, egg yolk, fortified foods, whole grains, I’m sure you can find this on google. Eat a balanced diet drop the mess.

  11. Wow! He is sharing vital information. This is why the vulnerable groups are dying. Tyler really cares about others even though he is rich. He was able to get competent medical care and they cared because he is wealthy and valuable. Then he didn't keep it to himself he came and shared it. Wow! Wow! Wow! Yes, I have been trying to share this with my friends and family as well and now I got Tyler and your channel to back me up. They are doing research on it as we speak. Good looks n out!

  12. Get rid of that doctor he contradicts himself. First he said does not check his patients vitamin D. Then when the other guy says he agree every one should go to the doctor and get their full blood work and Complete blood makeup and vitamin D. I don't even have a African-American doctor and she picks my vitamin D my vitamin B she text it all in a complete blood work. Vitamin deficiency in vitamin D can cause a lot of issues even depression weakness sleep tired fatigue a lot of things

  13. Perhaps if Big Mamas started buy MILK instead of GRAPE DRINK for little Tyrone and L’Quawnda , this “racial disparity” would be eradicated?

    See, it really DOES come down to behavioral choices affecting your life.

  14. As a natural born black man I am recommending black folks get out in the sun everyday possible for as long and safely as possible. It is a blessing to your melanin!

  15. No man is built to be deficient or to posses a likely deficiency on something that is vital to your life. That is like saying some races as they would call it are imperfect creations. People should be careful with the crap science race. Saying some races are this and that. That is how IQ was used. There are mighty consequences for all those who in any way, oppose the knowledge of the perfection of all creation especially man.

  16. This Dr. is down playing the Vitamin D… Acting as if, there are no studies to show vitamin D is essential… That's the problem, Most Dr.'s don't share/promote which Vital foods and Vitamins we should take daily…They only want to prescribe Medication, after sickness occurs.

    To help protect us from this Virus and any other Virus… We should be taking Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc, Iodine, Magnesium, Elderberry & Blackseed Oil to keep our immunity Up…

  17. This doctor is the incorrect person to ask about this topic. He has no experience with it, and admits they aren't even looking at it. He says "today there are no large studies or small studies to show that Vitamin D are associated with high mortality or low mortality…". This is incorrect, there are several studies that have been released over the last month confirming the connection specifically w/the current illness. (just go to google news and search for Vitamin D Study) Plus, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other studies showing low/deficient vitamin D levels highly associated with lung infections, immune system dysfunction, viral infections, asthma, COPD, pneumonia, ARDS, SARS, hypertension, and even higher risk of ALL cause mortality (death). This is a huge blind spot in the medical community that needs to be addressed immediately. It is especially important for those with darker skin, because when exposed to sunlight, your skin produces vitamin d, but the darker your skin, the slower it produces it. That means supplementation is that much more important to maintain healthy vitamin d levels. Very few foods have enough to boost your serum levels significantly. It's either sunshine or supplements. Please update your videos on this topic, as it can actually save lives.

  18. Look, learn to separate between medical practitioners and researchers. Many medical doctors talking about this and that do not do research but read other peoples research. There is a huge difference…

    BS! Stop popularizing myths!

  19. This was not the best professional for this issue because most African Americans are deficient in vitamin D and do not get enough in their diets. This guy knows nothing

  20. Vitamin D3 works best with K2…K2 removes excessive calcium from D3 supplementation from your blood and arteries and deposits it in your bones…may also lover blood pressure too…stay safe and do your research first. Also, the recommended dosages are low. There are indications that blacks need a least 2000-5000 IU a day.

  21. 🤦🤦🤦🤦Too much of anything will cause problems. I work in a pharmacy and its scary how people are loading up on synthetic vitamins. As for me, I'm just eating properly and taking iron ( because I'm anemic).

  22. I am a pasty woman in Arizona so I was shocked when my level came back at 10 and I should be at 70 so dont assume your levels are normal if you live in a sunny state. I take 5,000ui d3 plus k2 and magnesium. I hope everyone stays healthy both physically and mentally.

  23. We applaud Tyler Perry for being outspoken about improving our health. So most importantly is Y pi Tu be channel : Richard Cheng . This >20’year US Army Chief Physician from Fort Bragg Columbia, South Carolina, and a Medical Resident of Cancer Center of Bethesda, Maryland, flew over to Shanghai to visit his parents for the Chinese New Year and walked right into the beginning of Rona. His Feb. 12th first video of 9 videos begins his few minutes of stating that he and his clinical team in Shanghai are CURING severe Covid patients within a 5-8 day period. IV drip 10,000 milligrams Vitamin C every 8 hours. The most severe patients get 20,000 mg. He also recommends Vitamin D3 , as well as Vitamin B complex for daily intake. His March 15th and 17th videos go into detail about WHAt to take , what NOT to do, HOW to do it and WHY. Take down notes and save your parents and grandparents. Dr. Richard Cheng PhD., MD.

  24. Living in Arizona While Black…. where the Sun shine 355 days a year coupled with triple digit temps as early as April on into late November and taking a daily supplement of Vitamin D vitamins…ha,
    during this 2020 pandemic/virus/darken world we live in… I WILL SURVIVE as long as I have faith, common sense and knowledge of my Self-Worth. Blessings to ALL!!!

  25. [Matthew 3:2] Repent ye: for The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. [vs.8] Bring forth therefore fruits meet (suitable) for repentance: [vs.17] And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is My Beloved Son, in whom I Am well pleased.
    2 Chronicles 7:14 If My People, which are called by My Name, shall humble themselves, and Pray, and Seek My Face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  26. SO CALLED BLACK PEOPLE—- we are not made like other groups, our bodies are well adapted to living with lower D vitamin levels, the fact that will have been around for ten of thousands of years is prove of this fact!! Our bodies use Melanin to help boost our immune systems, remember the Tuskegee experiment and there are many others!! We have been taught that our Melanin is just skin deep, but our organs are very rich in the molecule and also why our organs are the no 1 choice for transplants!! THE BEST AND SAFEST WAY TO INCREASE OUR VITAIN D LEVELS IS USE WHAT OUR BODIES ARE MOST ADAPTED FOR THE SUN'S RADIATION. WE AR CHILDREN OF THE SUN!!!

  27. Why are all these celebrities giving quack advice. Yes Viamin D is important but in Australia we have not told to get exercise and diet which is much more important to the body. His doctors advice is for him not the whole black community.

  28. Please look up Dr Leslie Ray Matthews, world leader in the benefits and use of vitamin D3!! You will be pleasantly surprised. 💕
    Be well!