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Trying South African street food in Cape Town! Join me on my food adventure at the infamous Old Biscuit mill, were I try local South African cuisine, including chicken legs, cow feet, sheep’s stomach and many more delicious foods!

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  1. These people were ripped off and that's not traditional local food 'cause we don't have that. I'm South African and that was just a huge rip-off!

  2. Sheep stomach is actually the greatest traditional south African food
    It just has to be cooked properly
    I only eat it when my aunt cooked it
    Otherwise no
    I don't trust anyone in the world to perfect it but her

  3. The "cow foot" is actually really really good!!! Lol for 20 years of my life I never ate that thinking it's probably disgusting. But I recently tried it last year and it's one of my favourite traditional meals.
    YOU Should have had more than a tiny bite