Hillary Clinton discusses the damage being caused by Donald Trump’s rhetoric, which she says continues to divide the U.S. along racial and gender lines.

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  1. I still cannot believe my eyes … WHY …you are not asking .. well I will tell you … LOVE TRUMPS ……hate .. way to go demonicrats .. supporting trump .. what it should read is .. Trump is cantankerous .. or racist or an alien ..or anything other than LOVE TRUMP S.. bunch of blind deaf and ignorant demons .. hahahhaahaha … KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK …

  2. Why can't we have her as president? The one we have right now, Cheeto voldemort, is not only a joke, he's living in a parallel dimension where Lassie is still on tv and the milkman drops off milk bottles on your doorstep every morning. It's unreal. Not to mention the recent discovery of six White House staff members with private email accounts. the HYPOCRISY is just stunning.

  3. So much integrity and truth and rationality and humility and honor from this woman right here. Incapable of referring to anyone as "super predators", incapable of dismissing a candidate's base of supporters as "deplorables", incapable of blaming others for her own shortcomings, incapable of funneling wads of money from an impoverished nation through a foundation, incapable of destroying potentially damning, incriminating evidence that may be used against her in a court of law.

    Let us all strive to be like this impeccable human being speaking here in this video!