President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump met with African American supporters and hosted an African American History Month reception on Thursday at the White House. (Feb. 28)

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  1. Trump’s Black community accomplishments:

    1. Signed legislation providing $255 million dollars of permanent annual funding for HBCUs and other Minority Serving Institutions.( which should’ve been done a long time ago) especially buy you know who.

    2. enabled faith-based HBCUs to enjoy equal access to Federal support.

    3. Signed the Farm Bill that included more than $100 million dollars for scholarships, research, and centers of excellence at HBCU land-grant institutions.

    4. Opportunity Zones, which encourage investment and growth in underserved communities.

    5. Black unemployment has recently achieved the lowest rate ever recorded.

    6. Signed legislation securing historic levels of funding for the Child Care and Development Block Grant, helping low-income families access child care.

    7. The First Step Act is providing prisoners with a second chance through rehabilitative programs, fair sentencing, and smart confinement.
    * Over 16,000 inmates are enrolled in a drug treatment program offered as part of the robust drug treatment strategy managed by the Bureau of Prisons (BOP).
    * To date, BOP has assessed over 400 inmates for participation in Medication Assisted Treatment programs designed to aid in their recovery.
    * The First Step Act provided the opportunity for sentencing relief for certain defendants who received mandatory minimum sentences prior to the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010.
    * 721 defendants have received sentence reductions, 573 of which have resulted in inmates being released.
    * The First Step Act expanded avenues for eligible elderly and terminally ill prisoners to get their sentences reduced by allowing for their motions to be directly filed with the courts.
    * The First Step Act authorized eligible low-risk and elderly inmates to be transferred to home confinement when possible.
    * The legislation also advised BOP to place inmates within 500 driving miles of home when possible.


  2. How easily black people forget this is the same guy who put a bounty on the head of the Central Park 5 kids over a crime they didn’t commit. He doesn’t care about blacks people so let’s stop fishing for bread crumbs.

  3. All this political rhetoric by a racist narcissistic belligerent corrupt unfit trump to get African Americans to vote for him.
    Tell me trump how many United States federal judges or judicial judges out of a total of 150 total judges you appointed
    was African American or people of color.

  4. No emotions, only reading. trump is so childish that he thinks no one will notice it. Poor sick man, his whole life looking his own belly, how big it can be, and millions of americans following the same sickening pattern, only because they don't read, they don't want to understand reality and prefer an empty life full of childish dreams. In 450 years religion will be prohibited in the world. Religious people are the real and most dangerous virus of this world.
    I'm pretty sure if they decide to live in a planet by their own they will not last more than a generation.