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  1. Honestly? They should've just had two lists: Top 25-50 Black male athletes and Top 25-50 Black female athletes (assuming they could even find 25-50 of the latter). There are no Black female athletes – not even the formidable Althea Gibson – who place ahead of ANY of the Black male athletes. There's a reason sports are segregated by gender. Most female sports are eleemosynary activities anyway; given that the best 15 year old boys (and a sizable percentage of the best 14 year old boys) would surpass the greatest adult women.

  2. Woods and Jordan are best its athletes not activist and quote on quote freedom fighters or personal life opinions just the impact on the sport and he was 💯 monarch athlete and I knew he would never take their sport record and he did say that I've seen the video smh about black people and golf

  3. The residential dick in the booty ass Boule member at work doing his massha bidding. Nothing gets me more fired up than to see a nigga who gets confederate with the same people who marginalize his people, just to stay above the tide. Tiger Woods has faced more adversity in the PGA, than Serena has on the Women's Professional Tennis Circuit. I agree that Tiger has his issues, but damn Stephania A. Smith, let that man breath. But if someone with the stones could find a knowledgeable so called Black man who can counter Stephen A. Smith's arguments and invalid points as well as Max Kellerman's this would be an interesting show no doubt. But we all know that ESPN won't do that.

  4. Tiger Woods no doubt top ten all time. Changed the sport like no one in history has changed the culture of the people playing the sport. Similar to Jordan he made so many young guys and more so called blacks get interested in the sport. Had the golf video game named after him. Guys on the tour make ten times as much since tiger came in. He drew the biggest crowds of any golfer in history and made Nike start carrying fuckin golf equipment for shit sake….plus add his dominance where it's Tiger Woods vs the field every tournament he played and won more tournaments than the rest of the guys on the tour certain years….this shit is ridiculous

  5. I just think that this world would be a boring one if it only had 1 human "race". I'm a so called latinamerican living in Guatemala and I find different cultures and different physical type people to be very interesting, but I will always remain within my culture and my own personality.
    But how stupid is for a reporter working at an sports channel that broadcasts golf from time to time, to state that golfers shouldn't be included as athletes, especially when the golfer has no pot belly at all. They should take out golf from all of their broadcasts if they consider themselves slightly intelligent.

  6. If we talked about the 50 Top White Athletes,   the show would be shut down for racism.   The whites would be accused of Supremacy.    Whites have No More rights in America,  so what can you do about it?   Start by boycotting these racist basketball games where all the players are black.

  7. @ChroniclesOfJudah 144 His name was Ian K. Smith. He was a Physician that did that finess show on VH1. Yes that was indeed his(Michael Strahan) partner. His ex-wife Jean admitted that Michael was living an "alternative lifestyle."

  8. I think they added the women to push the narrative of female power.  Simple as that. But you're right…if that is the case, there are other more suitable women who should be in that Top 10 slot. It seems choices of this caliber are made now simply as the popular choice, not with any thought given to the selections.

  9. Your comments about Tiger Woods were deep. I hope my comment on the part 1 video is read so there might be a greater understanding why I appreciate this channel so much. I didn't understand why things were so different when I moved to liberal California from New Jersey and why I went from being Italian to being called what I was. Since then I have seen Latinos take the "doll test" and they all considered themselves so called "white". Now I know why blond haired, blue eyed kids and Mexicans would call me what they did and also how little MANY PEOPLE don't know about REAL history!

  10. Well I will quit calling myself so called Creole (Father's side, Louisiana). To be honest I love the fact that the history of so called blacks is not what has been projected out to be by so called blacks. But I do look to come to a complete understanding of that history one day including what I am and this channel does help tremendously.