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00:00 Introduction

Hair loss is very normal for most men and it happens to us as we age. Frankly, I don’t know of any man including me who is happy to lose their hair. So the big question is how do you treat or even reverse hair loss?

I’m not a medical doctor and everything I say here is based on my experience and my opinions. So the first place to start when you notice some hair loss is your doctor. Talk to them to figure out if anything is wrong so you can get to the real bottom of it. So of course the big question is how can you treat hair loss or possibly even reverse it?

02:41 Myth #1: Grooming & Hat-wearing Contributes to Hair Loss
Some people argue that hair loss has something to do with the type of hat you wear or the grooming you do but that is simply not the case. Brushing your hair or wearing a baseball hat are totally fine and will have no

03:17 Myth #2: Hair Vitamins are Effective
The truth is there’s no such thing as a hair vitamin unless the cause of your hair loss was a nutritional deficiency.

03:54 Myth #3: Other Causes (Stress, Sunlight, etc.)
Hair loss also isn’t caused by any stress, a lack of circulation, or the sun shining on your head.

04:04 Myth #4: More Testosterone Means Hair Loss
Guys who go bald have more testosterone and the increased testosterone has something to do with the lack of hair in your head, not true! Studies have shown that men who are bald have similar testosterone levels to men who are not bald.

04:22 Hair Loss Truth: Smoking Contributes To Baldness
Smoking makes your baldness more severe and it’s just something to keep in mind next time you smoke that cigarette.


04:48 1. Finasteride
Finasteride is a prescription drug also known under the brand name Propecia. It has been on the market since 1997 and you just take it orally in form of a pill every day. It treats hair loss on your crown and the middle part of your scalp but not on other parts of your body. It blocks your DHT hormones by about 70% thus slowing down the shrinkage and shortening of your hair and therefore, you keep your hair for longer. Dutasteride also blocks DHT even though it’s more effective in the sense that it can block up to 90% of DHT versus Finasteride only blocks up to about 70% of the DHT hormone. So obviously, it’s more effective but it’s not FDA approved in the US for hair loss treatment.

07:18 2. Minoxidil / Rogaine
It’s an over-the-counter medication and FDA approved in the US for hair loss treatment. Interestingly, it’s supposed to be used around the crown of your scalp only and nowhere else. It’s basically a foam that you have to apply to your crown twice a day in order to be effective. In my book, that’s a serious commitment.

08:26 3. Hair transplantation
This is not a drug but it works actually by moving hair follicles from areas where you have a lot of hair to areas where you don’t have a lot of hair. Yes, it sounds like a lot of work and it is because every single follicle from the back or from the side of your scalp has to be relocated. Because of that, it takes a lot of time, is therefore very costly, and can also cause a lot pain.

09:49 4. Laser therapy
It’s also known as low light therapy or cold laser therapy and it works in the way that photons are irradiated onto your scalp thus helping to increase the circulation on your scalp. The idea is that the photons stimulate the circulation in your scalp and therefore, help your hair growth.

10:53 5. Scalp micropigmentation
Now, this really doesn’t treat the hair loss, it is more of a cosmetic procedure, think of it you are tattooing little dots onto your head so it looks like you have a buzz cut that was intentional and not forced because you’re going bald. It cost anywhere between $1000-$4000 depending on how many hair dots have to be tattooed onto your scalp.

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  3. Just look at Jeff Bezos the Amazon Billionaire. He isn't doing anything to try to change his hair situation. No rugs, drugs, or plugs (transplants). Many men have come to regret the transplant thing. Just Google/YouTube hair transplant horror stories. Be prepared to be shocked!

  4. Just dont wear tight hats. I find the connection between facial hair and having lots of hair on your body makes you go bald. Its like the body cant produce enough protein cells to keep your hair on your head. All my cousins smoke and they all have thick head of hair. Make sure you shower once a day. I use nioxin hair shampoo works well. I might try some tips from this video also. I will mostl likely get fue hair transplant soon though.

  5. Years ago Silvikrin keratin lotion was available but no longer. I used to use a scalp massager to apply it. The results were quite astonishing. Now I use an electric massager which seems to keep growth in check.

  6. Do not get a hairtransplant surgery! The first dermatologist you go to will advise you to get a surgery and that is the biggest lie to rip you off 5000 to 10000. There are more convenient things to check before getting the surgery for example laser treatment see kiierr. club if it doesn't work then go ahead and get it done.