Top 10 British Female Comedians

Whether it’s sketch shows, stand-up or sitcoms, these women rule. For this list, we’re counting down the funniest and most influential female comedians that the UK has ever seen. From Jo Brand to Jennifer Saunders, they are the crème de la crème of British comedy!

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#10. Miranda Hart
#9. Diane Morgan
#8. Sarah Millican
#7. Julia Davis
#6. Dawn French
#5. Tracey Ullman
#4. Sara Pascoe
#3, #2, #1: ???

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  1. Phimina harriet potter dropped her pyle library book, Roger that Paris dawn French does look like Carlile D.o.d the office computer has just gone Barneys my sisters hired arm officer from the USA I saw Sarah millcan the other day by the FedEx van by bowlers mr spmike was in the pub with Kevin an Vladimir cabdev, Neily done typing mrs Jones.

  2. 1)How can u put Jennifer saunders at 1 at dawn french at 6. I think Dawn is funnier but ok.
    2)Where is Catherine tate
    Alteast u didnt forget Miranda hart tho

  3. Where Gina Yashere; Andi Osho, Miss Jocelyn, Miss London highes and Llewella Gideon to name a few … Come on Man at least have One Black Female comic Or even an Asian one from the UK

    #Bias Countdown !!

  4. I was really fascinated to see who was on this list, primarily because I could never have named 10 good female comedians. Unsurprisingly, it appears you couldn't either. Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders and Tracy Ullman are funny. None of the rest are so good you'd pay to see them and half of them couldn't make you to smile wryly if their lives depended on it.

  5. Jennifer Saunders above Victoria Wood?! I could cope with Jo Brand sharing the top slot with VW, but seriously, Jennifer Saunders at number one?! Victoria Wood was an absolute genius in everything she turned her hand to. Saunders couldn't hold a candle to VW. And I'm surprised Dianne Morgan came in so low down the list.