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  1. Really confused by the difference between Indian,Bangladeshi and Pakistanis. They are the same people divided by religion and border less than a century old. Is there a case for genetic mutations happening in a few generations.

  2. Dr Berg it is more nuance than that. Vitamin D increases IL-6 which creates more mucus in the lungs that yes can create a barrier for influenza Il-6 also promotes Th2 T-cells which can fight off bacterial infections like Tuberculosis and the bubonic plague. However, Covid-19 is a viral infection and Th1 are needed to fight off viral infections. Who is most venerable to covid? Males, Elderly, Asthmatic and Hyperallegenic (which tends to be higher in cities), Type II Diabetics (who are often low in magnesium) all of whom lean towards being Th2 dominant already. Magnesium help with the production of Th1 Cells most ICU patients are on some sort of Mg+/K+ IV. Magnesium also helps reduce blood clots. It would make sense to add that to your regimen before adding Vitamin D

  3. Thank you Dr Campbell, I'm sorry about the unkind words people are saying, I just want to say a big thank you for being honest and presenting the science for us 🙂

  4. 14:27 Belgians shout : "This is Belgae !!!" just like King Leonidas said "This is Sparta" before he killed the insulting Persian messengers.
    Belgae is bigger than the Belgian territory as you should know. CCP leader Winnie the Pooh and Corona Chan must pay.

  5. It's not dismissed because it's biological. It's dismissed because there ARE people, industries, and institutions who profit politically or financially by insisting this disease has NOTHING to do with anything as simple as vitamin D.

  6. Cannot wait for today's video Dr Campbell after that complete balls of a speech that was made last night at 7pm!!!

    That just sealed the deaths of thousands.

  7. But Clara Quinn could be used as one part of the administration of it as my thoughts awesome foods that fight viral infections cuz I heard someone say somewhere I can't remember where such as onions peppers it was one there was garlic mentioned to but there was one other thing I can't think of it right at this moment but the point is his coaching not take those Foods scientifically creative action from that fix cracked the bureau fighting components out of these create a preventive drug with the vitamin C and vitamin D

  8. See the movie Plannedemic with Dr Judy Mikovits. It’s been removed from You Tube several times but people keep reposting. By the way hydroxychloroquine plus ZINC works but makes no money for big pharma. Check our Bill Gates Event 201


  9. What about Sweden? They are not locking down the people that are not sick, kids are going to school, and their freedoms have not been swept away. Their numbers are not much different per capita than other countries around them. lf ll had to wait for 2 years for a vaccine by Bill Gates, or anyone else, to open my business, or pay my bny othills, or feed my kids, l'd go insane! Here's a practising doctor that is speaking about this, along with many other doctors that agree! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93QGMEERgMk&feature=emb_rel_end

  10. The real epidemic is metabolic disease. Most people don't even know they have it. Many people have poor blood glucose control but don't know it because they haven't yet reached full diabetic diagnosis yet. Many people gave high blood pressure and don't know it or if they do know they have it they don't know it's probably caused by metabolic disease because doctors are generally ignorant if this. People are in denial about obesity and how being overweight significantly effects your metabolic health. If you want to survive Covid you need to ensure you are in good metabolic health.

  11. Race is not a factor he is just doing his job to help people. There is advantages for dark skin as it protects against skin cancer while light skin helps with covid. Skin color is like eye color else we are all same.

  12. Your talks were always very good but I'm saying goodbye,I'm so over this manipulating b.s.
    The world is waiting for me &I'm going back to living,statistics show that paying into this misinformation will definitely kill you,all fed to us by a hurd of misleaders.