Thousands gathered in Washington, D.C., on Saturday to protest George Floyd’s death, racism and police brutality. From speeches to line dances, here’s what we saw and whom we met.

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  1. I can understand the need to protest and I can support people who protest peacefully. However, this is so haphazard and poorly organized. The march for racial equality should have been one day. One of the prominent leaders in the African American community (nationally- like the current head of the N.A.A.C.P.) should have gotten word out that-for instance, a national march for racial equality would be scheduled for Saturday September 4th. Everyone gets out on that day and marches in whatever town or city they happen to live in. It just seems that the public has reached its saturation point and are just sick of hearing about it to the point that they are no longer listening. People can't and won't listen when there's violence and looting involved. The march on Washington should have culminated in a respected leader giving a speech that would be broadcast nationally from the steps of the National Mall-not unlike Dr. King's. It's to the point now that when there are news breaks, people just turn the channel and they're not going to listen to people creating chaos and mayhem. If you want your cause to be heard, if you want to be respected then act accordingly.

  2. What did this loser do? He tried to buy cigarettes with a counterfeit $20. Here’s some advice your you, don’t break the law, don’t fight with the police.

  3. Police are doing thier job, just cause a couple cop are bad, doesn't mean all of them are and racist ! It's the system, it's the rules, and the opposite team media that creates problems !

  4. They drank the koolaid of BLM and ANTIFA – thank god the entire video footage has been released to show the truth that George Floyd was a junkie who was high and resisting arrest – BLM & ANTIFA exploited the whole thing and the media is responsible for the riots and deaths that followed

  5. We believe that Moses,Jesus and Mohammed the last .All of them are slaves, prophets and messengers .Allah is one and one in everything .read more about Islam to know the truth. I wish all of you to be satisfied by Allah 🤲

  6. 1:03 taking a picture of your baby daughter holding up a protest sign so you can get those sweet likes on social media. Really speaks to some people’s priorities

  7. I have a feeling Adorrree caused this,
    If you don't know her.

    she was a tik toker, very racist.
    And almost gotten a 12 year old killed.

    Sometimes I feel like this is her fault but it's not..

    And the sad thing is..

    I'm young, and I'm black, scared afraid, I've been in the house for MONTHS cause of this.

  8. I told everyone from day one not to protest this death. I knew that no one knew the whole story and were making idiotic assumptions. The new tape shooooooooooows the family and witnesses were lying the whole time. Just like in the brown case.

  9. I don't have any intention to spam the comments section, this is just a small request on behalf of many people of my country to you "the reader",please read this below👇

    Search on google one such case happening in my country India, "The arrest of Dr.Kafeel Khan", this man is put behind bars just because he saved lives of many little babies. We need an international support like that "#justiceforgeorgefloyd".
    Please help , please support so that Kafeel Khan gets justice. Please dont ignore this message. We need support of bigger countries. Please help us win this battle against injustice.plz help