Today we will take a look at Neo Soul Keys Studio 2.0 by #GospelMusicians!

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Midi Controller I used in this video:
M-Audio Hammer 88:

Video Outline:
Interface Overview:
Audio Demos:

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  1. I just got this on cross grade price…Iโ€™m VERY impressed! I was a bit disappointed by NSK Studio 1.0 in terms of the sound quality. 2.0 though! Whatever he lost between switching to his own engine vs Kontakt, he found it again here.

  2. Could you please answer this question, I see that Neo soul keys says it works in standalone, so could I use it in my MPC Live/One for an example or do I have to use it in a daw ?

  3. Hi John, great video as always. Your videos helped me greatly when I had to buy a midi keyboard. One question though, is it possible to move the included libraries of NSK onto an external disk? My internal just doesn't have the storage for this :/

  4. I bought this when it came out and it is absolutely amazing. This is the only Rhodes that gives Keyscape's Model E a run for it's money, but unlike that one the tweakability for this is unmatched.

  5. addictive keys mark ii sort of has the tweaking ability, but not nearly as powerful as this one. Amazed that it has so many styles of electric piano too. Hats off to the people who made this. looks like good a good plug in! I had many nostalgic feelings of the 80's while hearing your playing.

  6. Dear John Mike, Brother, that keyboard controller is as wobbly as the LFO's controlling the chorus effects…Almost thought it was your keyboard movement in real time, that was modulating the electric piano sounds, as it moved around while playing it !!. Still love you as always…..!!!! Time for a keyboard stand upgrade.

    Be frank, something went wrong with Neo Soul Keys a while back, and it's limited to his own style of EP, a flavour which taints all the sounds.. His older products were more powerful sounding IMHO, this new one using his own custom engine, is kinda weak sounding unfortunately his older EP products from the Kontakt versions sounded better. Did my best to like this new version, but the sound is all the demos including this one………..

    Its usable but no longer premium……(somethings missing in the samples and programming) !!! which explains the price drop/discount. .

    And this is in spite of all your indisputable wonderful keyboard skills. The British say, you cannot polish a turd… you look up that one for the meaning…