James Davis explains that rioting is not Plan A and explores a few understated methods of getting back at racists. (Contains strong language.)

James Davis: Live from the Town
Original airdate: January 11, 2019

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  1. Ignorance perpetuating black American decline… From your experience, how was it during Jim Crow? It's the culture of thinking its cool to resist the police is what's getting you folks killed. We are a republic, meaning a land of laws… Most of Americans have realized the dark past of our country, but some black folk be making excuses when they have 3 baby mommas while hunting other folk with the same skin color…

  2. So the fund raiser …anyone see what its for …why did i instantly get a virtual Petition to defund the police….no thanks …comon comedy central really man

  3. Cannan Hinnant is a 5 year old whyte kid riding on his bike shot in the head by a bLack man. Just imagine if it was the opposite. Scream in his Dad's face that BLM.

  4. Rioting is a human thing.

    All humans are prone to it if given the right conditions for them as individuals.
    And if you think you aren't prone to it, you are PARTICULARLY prone to it.

  5. LMAO bout 10 years ago Chris Rock was telling white folks he was ashamed of them; he said black folks taught us how to riot better than that!
    Humor can evolve completely
    and still be hilarious!
    Your funny af bro!!

  6. I think Michael Che did a similar bit. It’s crazy how you can also find a bit from the 80’s on the same subject and nothing has changed.

  7. Honest question: is this guy new on the scene? I've never heard of him, but I found myself smiling and laughing during this entire clip. He seems like he's really got it down and I hope that means he's going places.