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Black women are not uncoachable, they are unprotected

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  1. A huge factor is that's who caters to him when he's big man on campus. It's the white girls that will wash his clothes, clean his apartment, cook for him, and yeah…cater to him sexually. Sisters don't want to "lower" themselves to catering to an athlete with a swollen head. Part of that may be also due to sisters chasing degrees, so they don't have time to do all that for some jock. Fair enough. But…on draft night, Becky is the one with him in the green room on ESPN, and she's the one going with him to his new city to embark on his career.

  2. I think black women bring the most baggage to a relationship and not feminine enough and better personality NOT ALL… But i lucked out. I went through 200 black women to get the woman im With now

  3. People should marry/date whom they desire, but do u REALLY think that a white woman would be with a black man if he was not rich? People use people for money & looks….and they both fade out eventually. Blacks are the ONLY race who talks down upon their people.

  4. If I was a black man I would get a white woman. Majority of black women has nasty attitudes, they're fat & over weight , their fake hair weave smells like throw up.Nobody wants to lay beside a sour headed perm puemonia smelling black woman. & all they do is talk about negativity, they always want to argue. Too much self hate with black women period

  5. I really tried to ignore this black althetes marrying white women epidemic for a long time but it is so common now that it is just a shame a got damn shame. the excusesI been reading is just Ludacris. I don't understand how a black man can be from a family that consists of black people. they grow up with black family members and once they make money and become millionaires sharing that weath with a black woman is just insane too them. I just don't understand it especially some of the older successful black men that grew up where racism was at a all time high. when blacks couldn't enter into the front door when blacks couldn't use the same bathroom when if a black stuck there big toe in a white only swimming pool the pool would be drained out because that water would be considered contaminated .I'm talking about black men like Sidney Poitier, Harry Belafonte, james earl jones, quincy who never wanted a black woman jones, oj simpson, richard Roundtree, Don Cornelius, redd fox, richard Pryor and the list goes on but all these men and many more that I mentioned all have shared their success with white women. growing up in a time like I said when racism was at a all time high they prefer white women. I just don't understand it I would love to hear from these black men celebrities. I would just love to hear there reasons. my husband always tell me that people can't help who th e y fall in love with but I think it is so much more than that the black men are purposely seeking out these white women and I would to know why.

  6. If the BM who says BW are not coachable because they come from single parent home does that mean BM are not coachable as husband–smh. So silly thanks for given your perspective on this bogus comment. Also, if BM are so perfect of a husband they why are the divorce rates so high with BM/WW couples. Listen, each marriage is unique and marriage takes effort on both parties so I can't subscribe that someone can't learn how to be better spouses—race should not be a factor or who is marriage material.

  7. Brother myself and another six other children came out a black women womb she gave us all away to different ppl. The woman I was raised by had a wonderful man he died I was seven months. From that woman family I was raped told I was ugly and called everything but the child of GOD. I am black man. I raised my son's the best I could. But when the Ex started sounding like that woman the past came back up. I buried a lot in back of my mind. So when I hear a black women speak I hear that woman, even when they says hi. I understand that man who spoke of how black women can ruin there children. I still will help any body But if it possible I will cross the street if a black women approach. I will never co sign for them or any body that do evil to kids.

  8. The truth of the matter is, Those black men who date out side their Race are confused about their own position as a black man. and most white women allow themselves to be treated a certain way. That Black man needs to feel like he can control. and most BLACK women ain't having that.

  9. Well all I can say is, The black Race is dying!!!! I don't know why These black Athletes don't want a Black woman!!!! Well they're Mother is Black!!! That's all I gotta Say!!!!! Lord have mercy!!!!

  10. I think the real reason black athletes date white women is because some of them know they are not wanted by black women. Keep it 💯. They knew it in middle school and high school that black girls didn't want them. They were different ( I guess a nerd or "educated lame")

    Because I remember the essence magazine article about how black women were the only race of women that goes for physical appearance first, and it's also said that other races of women value other things before physical appearance. Off that article alone it told me that if your an unattractive black man, NO black woman would date you, but still have a chance with other races of women.