The design phenomenon that defined the decade

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Peter Shire
Nathalie Du Pasquier
Michele De Lucchi
Aldo Cibic


Memphis Design movement dominated the ’80s with their crazy patterns and vibrant colors. Many designers and architects from all around the world contributed to the movement in order to escape from the strict rules of modernism. Although their designs didn’t end up in people’s homes, they inspired many designers working in different mediums. After their first show in Milan in 1981, everything from fashion to music videos became influenced by their visual vocabulary.

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  1. it's funny to me that the Memphis design has come to represent the '80s but yet didn't take trend until 1986-1987. it honestly extends into the early '90s just as much

  2. My favorite era. Watch the end scene of The Secret of My Success (1987) so, incredibly evocative and representative of the era. Full on excess and glamour. Watch Mannequin (1986) another very 80s forward movie, with the dueling department stores and one was all glitzy. The dancing montage. Having grown up in the 80s and ending the decade at 15, it truly feels like I lived on a different world.
    While we remember the 80s for neon and mohawks, there was also a very attractive, polished, cool look (coming in mostly from the UK) of tailored suits, vests, crisp shirts, short hair for men and women…its impeccable. You can see it in British bands like OMD, Breath, Danny Wilson. More toward the later 80s.

  3. In my home city Melbourne they actually have a shelf called Carlton Room Divider in the National Gallery Of Victoria that was built in 1981 and designed by Ettore SCOTTSASS who was a designer at the Memphis group! 🙂

  4. Your credibility goes out the window when you put a photo of Billy Ray Cyrus in your video about “the 80’s aesthetic.” Achy Breakt Heart was ‘92. 👍. Cmon. Clean it up!