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  1. Binge watching your channel and you just made me HOLLER @9:30 👀🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤦😭😭😭🤣 You spit soo much truth yet your delivery is LIFE! 🤣❤👏👏👏💪

  2. Brother thank you for the knowledge you give because it's the truth and we all need to hear it. My mindset has changed and I've learned a lot and i want to be the best version of myself. I always keep a dictionary near by for certain words so I know exactly what you're talking about once again thank you.

  3. You see what’s going on with Iverson going along with a lot of cats in our community. Cats stuck in their youth, walking around pushing 50 still dressed to the 9 like it’s the first day of middle school. We should be allowed to mature and progress as we age.

  4. Oj broke the 2000 yard record during a 14 game season. I still don't consider Eric Dickerson's record because he did it in 16 games. That's how good the Juice was. It's troubling when announcers talk about runningbacks like Payton, Jim Brown,et.al., and they leave out the Juice because of the trial verdict

  5. At 00:44, how does a man who served 9 years in prison, have light sunglasses rings around both eyes?! This was a TOTAL mind controlled operation, and this man never spent one day in prison for neither case! Divide and conquer race war!!!

  6. At 10:25 when you mention the Caucasian as generally having a myopic perception of the black man based on the polarity of good or bad, isn’t that some what paradoxical to say?

  7. There are different Avenues you can take to be successful you don't have to go totally through the white man's system there are plenty of successful non-whites who are doing it their way the way they want to.also let's not act like their isn't such a thing as a sellout or Uncle Tom. I'm talking about the blacks who make it out the hood and totally submerged themselves in white culture to the point with everybody they f*** with now is white their friends they wife. if you from the hood and you make it out there's nothing wrong if you connecting to people in the hood you not supposed to forget where you come from as long as them people you reconnected with it's on some positive s*** and they really got your back not on some jealous envious bull

  8. Nobody is really mad at brothers moving out the hood. It's celebrated actually.. I believe thats a false narrative thats put on us brothers. We don't like when you turn around and try and rub it in our face, as if we're not trying. That's just what I see..