Today we are discussing the new fashion trend of men wearing Rompers. This is a one piece body suit for men that looks very feminine. In my opinion, no group of men should wear this ESPECIALLY BLACK MEN! Rompers are something for babies or little kids…and not grown men! Please refrain from this type of dressing brothers as it will make you look very weak and effeminate. Here are some articles discussing the Romper fashion trend: talks about how social media is talking about men wearing rompers: reports: “Why everyone is suddenly talking about rompers” reports that rompers are a real thing for men: discusses about how rompers are terribly named:

Dear men please stop wearing those ridiculous rompers:


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  1. The only men that can skate safe wearing that shit are male strippers cuz they wear stupid shit like this for them hoes other than that you gay nigga and you look suspect if you a male stripper too fuck it ain't no excuses nigga I tried my soul replied no it said roast these nigga for this one

  2. Back in the day these were worn by some of the most fashionable black men. Look at some of your Blackploitation films. Of course that's not what they were called. I bet you wouldn't have called Jim Kelly or Jim Brown Gay,?

  3. White guy here.
    AWWW HELLL NAW. I will laugh at anybody who wears this. I will point my finger.
    Edit: unless you're homosexual, then it's cool.

  4. kzaggin20+ man u took the words right out of my mouth…wtf is this feminine fashion shit all about…men are just crossing over like there's no tomorrow…just less competition for me…considering I'm not as fortunate as you to have found my wifey yet!!

  5. Bottom line. This was originally a dress style for women. White, black, mexican, asian, whatever. ANY man wearing this trash is promoting a homosexual agenda. Now if thats' what your into, go ahead. But drop all the other nonsense excuses and just call it for what it is.

  6. Man it's hot in Texas. I might start the bo jackson 1/2 shirt back up in the gym. Not gonna be weqring a mid drift in the club though…

  7. Come on man, I am white and the only way you can make me wear rompers or extra tight clothes is if you put a loaded gun to my head.
    I am not rich, but I have 20 buck for a pair of pants and a t-shirt.

  8. Um this style is nothing new Oshay your to young to remember black men used to wear this in the dam 80's and a lot black artists used to wear it

  9. Really? But dropping your pants to show your ass doesn't look effeminate? Pant sagging is literally a sexual code in the prison system for man to man sex. So these ex-cons got ppl out here thinking they got swag by showing their ass. The romper looks odd but I bet its hella comfortable on the beach or certain outdoor settings.

    Black men can be ridiculous at times. They have no problem being called: felon, ex-con, drug dealer, pimp, minority or dead-beat dad, yet will go ham if someone calls them gay…smh.

  10. Fuck that I wouldn't be caught wearing that shit, whoever created this ridiculous outfit for men they're delusional for thinking a majority of men would even consider wearing that crap!πŸ˜…πŸ‘šπŸ–“

  11. I think if someone wants to wear a romper regardless of color, ethnicity, or social background they can. Why create division over a piece of clothing?

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