Comic duo The Lucas Brothers perform jokes about being unemployed, terrible co-workers and paying off student loans.

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The Lucas Brothers Stand-Up

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  1. I don't understand how people find these two funny. They are just brutal to watch or listen to and their parts in movies aren't funny either. No wonder they don't get much for acting jobs or even stand up. Everything I've watched these two in is just cringy to watch for the most part. I mean I hope them all the success they need but damn I think they need a new profession other than acting or stand up. I'm sure they could do sumtn better with their talents cuz this is just brutal to watch. And all you guys kissing their ass with the comments are the type of people that laugh at the sound of an intentional fart.

  2. Not gonna lie, the concept and gimmick behind their comedy is pretty crazy if you think about it. Identical twins both in the comedy stand up business, doing comedy stand up together… That’s honestly really funny, and cool to see them really perfect the idea of having two comedians together delivering jokes in transition or collaboratively together. Also the fact that their from my hometown Newark, makes me feel even better.

  3. I was in a car with my sister and 6 year old cousin and I said to my sister 'I need some money' And he said pointing to an ATM with his little finger ' My mom puts a piece of paper in that machine and it gives her money ' . And I just

  4. I was watching their moving show and I had to search them to see if they really talk monotone like that in real life. I had a professor like this and it was soooooooo boring. I can’t even stress that enough how boring that class was. But back to the show i hear it’s funny