Our perception and definition of beauty has morphed over time, so instead of trying to define everything we focused on three areas of the beauty industry: haircare, skincare, and makeup — to show you just how far the industry has come. From Overton’s high-brown face powder to Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, here’s how African American beauty standards have evolved. #BeautyGurus

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  1. I'm southeast asian but I do have a big bunch of wild curls which I used to be bullied for. There was another girl with big curls in my class but I was the meeker one so they went for me. In high school, I always always had to wear my hair in a bun before my mom decided to maintain it with hair straightening treatments. It went on until I graduated college but after that, my dad told my mom to stop with the straighteners bcs my hair was losing it's shine and vibrance. Since then, I've worn my hair big and proud. I still don't understand, though, why I keep getting the stares when I'm at the mall. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. There is a book everyone needs to read to properly understand the issue of racism. When, Where, Why, and how it began www. hiddensecrettruth.com This is not a Hebrew Israelite Website. We don’t agree with their doctrine & practices, as they do not acknowledge the finished work of Christ in the New Testament.
    Jesus is black. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and King David, are black. The 12 tribes of Israel are all black, when it comes to the true ethnicity of the people in the bible, white people and other non black people suddenly develop amnesia. They have a tendency to be completely dismissive of the facts they say “that doesn’t matter Christianity is spiritual” it definitely does matter. Evil genius the devil is a master counterfeit he copies everything god does, he also has disciples and many followers that carry out his wishes on the earth. They have spent an innumerable amount of time, effort, and money burying and covering up the ethnicity of Jesus. It is impossible for me to listen to anyone who dismisses or who denies the actual importance of the truth about Jesus, because I know there is a spirit behind that, and it’s not of god. Quite often the spirit of delusion, deception and the spirit of fear especially in black people, but I know for sure it’s not the spirit of truth and it’s certainly not of god. Racism of white people and black people has never been properly addressed scripturally. Christians agree god loves us all, and they try too, but it’s mostly theoretical the histories we know of, and our own experiences since childhood makes things difficult that is why this book is a necessity. o/ o/

  3. Hi guys, (Ladies).
    Tignon is pronounced Tinion . It is indeed a creole word. And it comes from the old french word for rag or mop .
    From there, came the old french, very negative slang word Tignasse, which refers to untidy, not neat, uncombed, hair but also and more commonly refers to Back hair which in the old days in france and the french colonies, was said to look like a Tignon or a mop.
    The words Tignon and Tignasse are indeed extremely pejorative in French today. The word Tignasse still refers to Black Hair and the word Gouffa refers to Northern African curly hair or the hair of a biracial person. Both words are equally racist.
    Just google image the words Tignasse and Gouffa and you will see what i mean.
    It is really sad that these words still exist today and are still used very commonly in France, even by hairdressers !
    There is even a magazine about hair still called Tignasse today and an online joke diploma from an online hairdressing school called "le diplome de la Tignasse d'or" which you can send to people who are such good hairdressers they can Tame a Tignasse .
    I am Scandinavian but my mother is of partial French ancestry and i did study in France for a while , and trust me, racism and discrimination there are alive and well.

  4. We share this fun educational series and Evelyn's & the other's vlogs to every human–also kid-friendly! Thank you (& look up) Evelyn Ngugi (aka Evelyn from the Internet), Hallease Clemons, Narvaez Azie, Mira Dungey, and Christopher Narvaez for hosting this great fun & informative series! I can't (can) believe your beautiful names are not in the credits, page PBS web and in the vids.

  5. Black women you are beautiful you have to ignore the people who are against you.

    Keep your heads up ♡
    Be thankful for everything you have ♡ everything you are ♡
    Everything you will have ♡

  6. Why would you want to remove your melanin? Then you’ll be an uncooked piece of meat, also melanin helps with your immune system, sun protection, and it also prevents some diseases!!!!

  7. I have to say as a cosmetic counter person – I can say, it disappoints ME when I don’t see more diversity in shade ranges AND I think even if you aren’t a black person, you should at least listen to your customer and social media creators who voice commonly shared concerns.

  8. you girls you are very beautiful, at least in the way I categorize beauty , since i am black and African I know how to test black beauty .. as Africans we have indented face which is optimized for wide range of facial expressions , as an African I can show feelings and moods which other races can not , so black are actors by nature like these beautiful girls

  9. I wore my hair natural when I was younger and it wasn't cool. When everyone was perming their hair because my mom wouldn't press my hair. I felt like I didn't fit in.

  10. Passing was when a half white or half black adult looked or could pass very easily as white, and decided to be white and not both. Half black half white is not black. My kinfolk is half and half and she looks like a white woman and that's because her mother is white and father is black.

  11. Headwraps did not start during slavery or covering of the hair. Wigs were created as far back as Egypt and other African tribes long before slavery as ritual, royalty, and distinction of African tribes. Africans heads were shaved before coming to America

  12. Dad reaction: do NOT put any makeup on Hallease's perfect skin. If a guy doesn't get it, that's one less knucklehead joining the family.

    This is gonna get me The Look from about a thousand women. Sigh.