@T.D. Jakes sits down with Matt and Laurie Crouch for Praise on TBN to discuss justice, race and racial reconciliation. Listen in as Bishop T.D. Jakes addresses the movement and the mission of Black Lives Matter.

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  1. A couple of police officers get out of hand and it now becomes a war against the black people.
    So how about the black communities, can white people walk their streets freely?
    The white people learn very quickly why BLM

  2. We know that all Black lives matter. There are many racists within all races. Why are we calling White people the oppressors? Just because someone is White, it does not make them an oppressor. Changes obviously have to be made, but this violence has to stop. But just like I hate anti Black rhetoric, I feel the same for the white people. As we share God's love, things will change. Those in position of power have a better ability to influence larger groups, than most. Conforming to BLM, kneeling, raising the Marxist fist also is hurtful for is who have families that have fled Communist nations.

  3. Just stumbled upon this channel. The garbage info I've heard in this interview is enough to let me know I need to avoid this pseudo-chrisian channel.

    You ignore the gospel and try to replace it with your own solutions.

    Also you embrace a delusional narrative that black people are being targeted and systemic racism keeps black people oppressed in today's America. This is simply a blatant lie! Look at the numbers, they refute this erroneous claim.

    America has the highest number and percentage of successful black people in the world. As someone who lived in Nigeria for a couple of decades I can say that there's more discrimination against a black person in Nigeria by other black people on the best day in Nigeria than all 365 days in America.

    The problem of systemic racism in America today is a myth. This is why so many black people leave African countries and become tremendously prosperous in America.

    People like TD Jake's and others would do well to study, teach and live the Bible instead of their man and made gospel.

  4. It feels as if Mr.Jakes is attempting to make the recent racial unrest palatable to white evangelicals when some of them are racist themselves , especially with most of them being Trump supporters. I smell BS. Jake's is either being pressured by the network or he himself feels the need to somehow reassure the white viewership. The truth is if the phrase, "Black Lives Matter " offends you, you're a racist. If you're a white Trump supporter who has a problem with the phrase , "Black Lives Matter ", you most definitely are a racist and you are part of the problem.

  5. This man is a fraud and a glutton. His sermons are mostly one verse of scripture repeated over and over in his shouted motivational speeches. He's part of the New World Order machine, just like all of the other fraud tv pastors.

  6. Tbn this is why you are irrelevant and have been for a long time. All lives matter! If you have to hear that then you don't have the spirit of Christ. Jakes is a business man, motivational speaker. He has been apostate for a long time, since he got caught up in business and money and reputation. Imagine his books with no Bible verses or Jesus name no where to be found. What a joke he is.. Charlatan! Shame on you fake believers who put their pigmentation before God's kingdom. This man has never been helpful in any cause of Christ and the sad part is he is recognized publicly as a person You can speak for the church. This is a man who CNN calls when they want to get Christian support for homosexuality because they know he will walk down the middle and be the ultimate diplomat, because he's afraid of the truth because he doesn't want to wreck his businesses. To say what's right and what's true would cost him millions. He will not speak the truth. He's a man pleaser. All lives matter#. How could anyone have the spirit of God in them and recoil at that very statement? It is not possible. Tbn you are like the whites that are bowing to this foolishness. Shame on you….

  7. I am so lost for words and traumatized about this conversation these are my issues. Black life’s matter is an a group of people that want things to change like I do .The three women in charge or three lesbians that are very verbal how they feel and that is white people to be dead they want men out of the families and they’re very pro-abortion. TD Jakes Just behind them did not reprove the violence whatsoever and obviously he’s pro LGBT. And to compare cancer pink outfits how disrespectful because they’re not violent. Know you have people of every color what the racism to stop but not the way the Black Lives Matter group doesn’t do nothing but terrorist I need to be stopped. And he TV Jakes did not touch on that at all. Everyone should unite yes all lives matter but he didn’t even say anything about all the black on black killings and bring it up through all these riots by the black life matters how many innocent people and children have been killed or hurt. I absolutely a voice of TD Jakes preaching but I’ve been having a check in my spirit . Wow!!! And why is it no one brings up how racist blacks are against whites because when I dated black man the Black people wanted to take me out there was no respect whatsoever. Grandmother of Biracial grandchildren. I’m even disappointed in Matt and Laurie. There’s no balance in this whatsoever my heart is broken. By the way TD Jakes being gay is not of God we are to love them and help them but not be pro LGBT.

  8. Lives Matter is a better place to start the conversation. It will unite more people than black lives matter and the extreme nature of the organisation. Take away colour from the conversations.

  9. we have preached and sang about togetherness for decades, and still haven't figured out how to make it happen yet. at this point and time, especially among Christians, the color of your skin shouldn't even be a problem. so the "real Christians" needs to stand up and take the lead. love ye one another as Christ loves you.