Jerome Adams said they are more likely to live in multi-generational households and less likely to have jobs where social distancing is an option.


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  1. Studies have shown that many darker skinned people in northern latitudes don't get enough vitamin D, which is produced by exposure to sunlight. The darker the skin, the more sunlight necessary to get vitamin D. A vitamin D deficiency is suspected of causing colored people to be more susceptible to corona virus infection. Just saying.

  2. Off topic, but bloody hell, can we please get National Health Service workers OUT of U.S. Navy officers' uniforms. These people , like this "admiral," have no business wearing that uniform.

  3. On March 8th, a maskless Adams told Brennan “masks do not work for the general public. On Twitter a week earlier, he said “Seriously people — STOP BUYING MASKS.”

  4. I went to a park with a river in it. First I heard mariachi music then about two dozen Hispanic young people came in view, not a mask in sight. If Hispanics don’t take precautions, don’t blame anyone but yourself.

  5. why would the Surgeon General of the USA quote nolan ryan? is this how we know this is a cartoon? when USA needs his words the most he quotes a retired baseball player? and the rest of the trash that flowed out of his mouth. total BS…god help us

  6. I would think that a human that is more intimately close to discrimination by having witnessed and or experienced it on a personal level or a more removed level… I would think that a human such as this would not allow and further any kind of discrimination to happen to others. But this is exactly what this man, the surgeon general of the US is doing. He is encouraging the prohibiting of opiate relief to people in extreme physiological pain. People with rare conditions etc. Some that have had pain for decades with no quality of life etc…

  7. Media tells Trump's racist…than how come he elected a black surgeon general…he's the first black general in the history of the U.S….thus surgeon general is a good doctor and he's very honest…

  8. Exactly 9 days after the Surgeon General spoke minorities being disproportionately impacted by coronavirus, the President announces we're reopening the Country. Isn't that interesting? One week before, everyone was happy to keep everything closed until there was a noticeable decline in cases.

  9. Liar liar!!!!!Per Dr. Fauci speaking time nation Jan 31st
    We now know from reports from Germany that it is “Absolutely” spread asymptomatically!

    See clip here….

    Surgeon General of United States blatantly lied! and stated he took “offense”

    We knew as early as January 31st that the disease is spreadable by asymptomatic people. He said we just found out the past few weeks when they told public to wear face covering! Cdc should have had us doing that from start!

  10. He used racial language to target black people. But he never once mentioned systemic racism, which is why our conditions exist. Systemic racism is a bigger problem for black people than the covid 19. I hope that they're not trying to make black people the face of this virus, like they did in China.

  11. has anyone considered gathering data: about military people being deployed to malarial areas and receiving an inoculation against malaria v.s. military people not being inoculated getting co-vid19

  12. Some of the pj's in Brooklyn got 80,000 people living in one building. With only one working elevator. And they tell everyone to lock down AND social distance? Impossible circumstances

  13. Racial divides will never be fixed. Read all these comments. Lots of blaming going on and no personal responsibility taken. Government Covid guidelines have been in place for at least 4 weeks. Keep you hands clean, don’t touch your face and maintain as much social distances as possible. If your kids are out running the streets ignoring these guidelines it is up to their parents to get them under control. If people reject federal health guidelines and run amuck then it’s their own fault, no one can help an ignorant person.

  14. Wait! Jesse Jackson and NAACP does NOT speak for black people! This man is grossly insulting with his chastisement toward black people. And we already know we are not genetically inferior. We are in fact genetically superior. We have melanin!! This man is a mouthpiece whose job is to keep the hidden ones hidden.

  15. Meth and heroin does 1000% more damage to the respiratory system.powder cocaine scars and enlarges the heart, which could prove deadly with the virus in toe.
    More Caucasians have the types of cancers that would make this virus alot harder to deal with then brown people. but "Stress'' from things like this , If You let it get to you could weaken your immune system.
    another thing is …What date did this guy Rom'e Rome become Surgeon general?.
    That's a pretty high office in the "Trumpper" Admin. Dont remember ever seeing him before this?

  16. I used to hear a term that person was promoted to his/her level of your incompetence! Now I understand what they meant. He met with Jesse who? Give this guy a "red card" and send him off!

  17. what about stubbornness to basic health rules? and showing off like "i ain't wearing no mask dorgg", what about weakness of lungs by smoking weed,snorting crack? and what about "no devil virus ain't getting me cause i covered by the bluud? what about "this info ain't true cause they just want to downgrade the original jews?" cheeesus was black"…WHAT ABOUT A DUNCE ATTITUDE?covid 19 par teh!

  18. Wow that must explain why my Hispanic neighbor has had a barbeque everyday with his buddies since weve been laid off and on lockdown. Or the fact that a large demographic of Hispanics are barbequeing on the Columbia at the parks in eastern washington since they've been on temp layoff. Racist bullshit