Stewart Lee – Stand up Comedian – October 2005

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  1. The only comedian whose routines I like to see more than once. The man is (though he’s maybe let himself go recently) like a magician who explains the trick and still you can’t see how it was done. He doesn’t deserve an award, he deserves an award named after him.

    p.s. I am not Stewart Lee or on the payroll.

  2. Truth is, they were stuck for a topic so they got some writers out the BBC BAR (oops) for a jolly sober discussion about comedy. The intruder is definitely going WHAT ABOUT ME!!

  3. Different class. So intelligent. I love the way he can riff something to so many levels and it just gets more and more funny. I don't know how he can keep a straight face.

  4. I think he's the most intelligent and cleverest comedian I've ever seen (including giants like Peter Sellers, John Cleese, Peter Cook, Billy Conolly, Stephen Fry, Dylan Moran). Nobody deconstructs comedy as deeply has he does (and still makes it funny). Yes, a genius.

  5. There are quite a few talented British comics but Stewart Lee is my favorite: super smart, ironic, politically incorrect, & unafraid to poke his audience. His bit on ukip and immigration is the best bit i've ever watched. So true & cleverly done.

  6. We laugh about Stewart saying he's Scotch then joking that only an idiot would say he was Scotch, but Trump actually said it and didn't know. LOL.

  7. I had seen many bits of this broken up on YouTube. I always assumed that he wore a fashion thing in his hair. I see now that it is just confetti.

  8. if anyone starts listening to him in the middle, they would say "one less iq and he would have been a plant". I would put him in a movie. He has a few roles in him. Plays that room well.

  9. Found Stewart Lee's "Crapstone/Shitterton" routine last night, just watched the clip from his BBC special where he yelled at the audience for a bit. He's officially become my favorite standup comedian. Dude's a total genius