What’s it like to be a black person in France? What’s the immigrant experience for people of African descent? StereoTypes host Ryan Hall hits the streets of Paris to find out. Watch more StereoTypes here:

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  1. Because he is American he has a life experience and he's looking for it in a place that the experience is different. It seems that he identifies with this so much he can't just enjoy equality. He is just damaged in my humble opinion and should learn to leave his experiences at the door.

  2. All Im seeing is west African hating there heritage thinking French is superior that’s why
    They will come to Africa only to be buried that why corruption in west Africa is within your eyes

  3. Bruh, this was cringe… Necro'd video, but France is not the U.S. Don't bring your bullshit politics to a place that has absolutely nothing to do with it.

  4. I am so tired of racist people and I mean from all races. Whites hating blacks,blacks hating whites,latinos hating black,whites hating latinos,blacks hating blacks,whites hating whites,koreans hating Chinese. Fuck it! Just fuck it!!! Everyone please just leave each other alone and learn to live with each other in harmony. Just do it.

  5. Blacks to africa there will ne no more stéréotypes and ends cultural appropriation too no more mobil phones no medical supplies no Transports bus cars trains or airplanes no more shoes and cloth….

  6. Americans are the most jaded people. Everything they do is through the lens of race. And they have no concept about what happens around the world beyond their borders.

  7. This guy is full of it. He shows himself as "black man" and if you really look at him and compared him to true black Africans, he is whiter than most latin-american people…

  8. Seems he is pushing his own agenda, very embarrassing to watch. He doesn't seem to realize he sounds equally as ignorant as the whites he takes issue with, he just comes across as another ignorant American.

  9. In European colonial powers like the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands and even Russia, most immigrants come from our former colonies. In the US something similar is the immigration from Puerto Rico and the Phillipines.