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  1. Please make a video on Stephen A. Shit still hating on Lamar Jackson, even after the 5 TD game yesterday. Im so sick of him and it is pitiful at this point.

  2. It was hilarious when Eric Reid, Kaepernick's teammate in San Fran and who backs Kap up with his kneeling propaganda, trolled SAS on twitter using a gif of Daffy Duck tap dancing and wrote out the caption on Smith "…tap dance for the nfl SAS and the owners too.."

  3. When a brother consciously c**ns…That is definitely a new psychological term that is affecting alot of us. Ur right, his moment is coming because that type of behavior will inevitably cross a line where even his bosses will see he has no dignity and make him expendable.

  4. You know…its funny how the media and people were blasting Kaep for kneeling but yet I have hardly heard any of them talk about the man who told Kaep to kneel. Which was former Green Beret Nate Boyer. Kaep sat at 1st, and it was him who told Kaep that it is better to kneel as sitting is a sign of disrespect. That man was on media outlets when it happened and yet people dont talk about this guy. And the NFL has nobody to blame but themselves. They never started this standing for Anthem stuff until they made a deal with the Military a few years back to promote the Anthem..which is notbing more than paid Patriotism. Then to go along with that, no rule in the NFL rule book says a player cant kneel. It says they encourage players to stand but they have the choice not to. So its nothing but hot air they are blowing smh

  5. SAS is definitely a puppet but what he said about Kap is correct. He doesnt want to be a football player anymore. The reason hes been so quiet is because hes an agent playing a role not a genuine civil rights activist. His payoff? $20M contract from Nike.

  6. My issue is that he's trying to get back in the NFL after what transpired.. but Steven. He was probably licking his chops waiting for something like this to happen. I will say this he has a boss and his boss is paying him to do this.. but why come back. I dont get it

  7. Colin found out that people are falling off his bandwagon because people were saying “oh so if he gets a job everything will be solved” Colin hears that notion and now hes acting as if he kinda does not want to be in the league

  8. You can beat a woman REPEATEDLY, you can fail drug tests REPEATEDLY and keep your job in the NFL. But the minute Kap tried to save some lives he losses his job. Shut is disgusting.

  9. Yea mike about the money 💰 a lot of people that I talked to said Colin should never complain because he made all that money so he should be grateful. What does money have to do with trying to stand up for what you think is right? Basically they’re saying he doesn’t deserve anything and should sit down. That makes no sense.