Stephen A. Smith shares his top 5 black athletes of all time.

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  1. My list of Black Athletes in terms of what they had to overcome socially may be Hank Aaron, Jackie Robinson, Bill Russell, Muhammad Ali, and my fifth is a tough toss up of Serena Williams, Jim Brown or Kareem Abdul Jabbar. What y'all think?

  2. My Top 20 List:
    1. Michael Jordan (No-brainer)
    2. Bob Gibson (1.12 ERA, enough said)
    3. Usain Bolt (Fastest man alive, enough said)
    4. Pele (A generational talent on the field and one of soccer’s biggest household names
    5. Jackie Robinson (Great on the field, even greater off the field)
    6. Muhammad Ali (Widely considered the best boxer in history)
    7. Bill Russell (Most championships of any black athlete)
    8. LeBron James (Cocky on television, but charitable off the court and one of the greats on the court)
    9. Kobe Bryant (Everything I said about LeBron applies here as well, just a bit more of a tarnished career)
    10. P.K. Subban (An unusual choice, I know, but he’s also the most successful black player in the NHL, a league where blacks struggle to gain stardom the way he has)
    11. Walter Payton (Literally so nice he had an award for sportsmanship named after him and an amazing player on the turf, he’s what every athlete should strive to be)
    12. Serena Williams (Definitely not the best black tennis player by any means, but definitely the best female in general)
    13. Venus Williams (Same as Serena, just a bit less well known)
    14. Tiger Woods (One of the best golfers, if not the best, to ever play the game)
    15. Randy Moss (One of, if not the greatest wide receiver in NFL history)
    16. Deion Sanders (One of, if not the best corner ever to play in the NFL)
    17. Gabby Douglas (One of the greatest gymnasts of all time and carried the U.S. in the 2012 Olympics)
    18. Bo Jackson (Overall one of the most talented athletes ever)
    19. Barry Sanders (One of the greatest runningbacks to ever play the game)
    20. Martin Luther King Jr. (He probably played baseball with his dad in the backyard so I’ll count it, plus he ended racism so that’s pretty neat)

  3. No one here understands the true meaning of his top 5. Yes they aren’t the greatest athletes but they are to him the ones that had to go through the most adversity. I do believe he missed the great Bill Russel