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  1. OK, just watched Curry surprise white kids at basketball summer camp, some one please tell me this is just one of many stops of his surprise's?😱

  2. Iverson was the best ever. Hand check league player also no one one his team's would start on any team. Also he was so good they made then dress differently do he could not be the leader he would have been but we have let the beast destroy his image

  3. I'm glad u rich and others for creating this analogy of sports and entertainment how u process your information I feel I'm the exact same way and I think a lot of the millennial generation thinks this is total inspiration

  4. sad part is we should not look up to athletes…especially as young black man…this teaches you that all you can be is a athlete to be successful…we need to start looking up to our elders who worked for us to be where we are today…too many times we but sneakers from our fav athlete instead of buying of book of how to own your own buisness…or a book from malcom…which is sad because majority of athletes dont give a f about us and just rape the community of its resources…ex jordan…we need to get past to bullshit and teach our children to be like the greats in the community not the clowns they see on t.v

  5. Stephen curry is a good player but again the nba as totally changed it's all about entertainment…nobody as them proper old skool battles 'team wise or even one on one' the developers and commentators make you think that they do still apply in the nba…don't get me wrong a hint of it is still around but it's nothing like the 80's, 90's or even early 2000's.

    back to my point about Steph and other so-called big time player's is that loads of player's especially if their not renown for playing good defense shy away from playing defense and getting the certain player's faces because EVERY SINGLE THING IN THE NBA IS A FOUL NOWADAYS….and that's why the nba as turnt more about glorifying entertaining and not someone's natural talents.
    every and any 6ft+ guy can be an nba player nowadays it seems. with abit if passion, grooming and training anyone can get a place on a roster in the nba it seems.
    one last thing I must say players have become much better shooter's and are pretty much alot more athlete than players of the past. but again rules have been changed in the nba to make up and coming superstars and even box standard player's look like god's on and off the court.

  6. hum·bleˈhəmbəl/adjectiveadjective: humble; comparative adjective: humbler; superlative adjective: humblest1. having or showing a modest or low estimate of one's own importance.

    Don't be humble it is not a good thing. You are important.

  7. Why is it there is no other Black athletes like Paul Roberson or Arthur Ahse who were renowned for thinking rather than being on the sports field/court using their physical reflexes developed from slavery?

  8. I love watching your vids !!! Decent commentary & wow for not having a father in your life dayum you seem to have a good head on your shoulders. I look forward to actually putting a face to this amazing voice and keep up the great work !

  9. according to umar johnson before black athletes sign those multi million dollar contracts they are told not to get involved in " black issues" hence why they never open up businesses in black neighborhoods . koreans and arabs got black towns sewn up business wise

  10. Facts! the character traits and work ethic of brothers like MJ, Kobe, Lebron and Steph can help mold us and I use what I've learned through hoops in black business and for the empowerment of our melanated ppl. Same with certain musicians. Great vid!